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Angel Quest Certification Program


     This program will be offered in three parts, but they don’t have to be taken in order. Please see class schedule for specific dates they will be offered. When all three parts are completed, you will receive a certificate that will enable you to practice what you have learned.  The different segments will be taught over a two- day span, usually over the weekend. On the first day, emphasis will be on increasing psychic abilities in order to connect with angels and deceased loved ones. On the second day, various healing techniques will be covered.


    Below is just a brief synopsis of what will be covered:


Part 1 (Prerequisite Reiki 1)


First Day

  • Peace Meditation

  • Angels and Ascended Masters (Various angels/ masters and what they do)

  • Difference between angels and deceased loved ones

  • Four Ways we can receive messages from them

  • Edgar Cayce Meditation to connect

  • Feeling energies and sensing different vibrations (heavy/light)

  • Words in envelopes

  • Seeing and sensing auras

  • Importance of forgiveness and compassion

  • Forgiveness meditation

  • We will sit in an “angel circle” to connect with other dimensions

  • Everyone will do readings to connect with angels and deceased loved ones


Second Day

  • Chakra Clearing Meditation

  • Reiki, energy healing, and messages

  • Mind/body connection and disease

  • Determining what a physical manifestation of illness means

  • Sensing where to do healing

  • Energy testing and energy healing exercises

  • Clearing chakras energetically

  • Everyone will perform healings and messages on others.

  • Talk about essay

  • Closing remarks/ questions


Part 2 (prerequisite Reiki 2)


First Day

  • Meditation to connect

  • Chanting

  • Zen meditation

  • Calling on angels one by one and sensing each one.

  • How messages come.

  • Ego should not try to “make sense” of what it gets

  • Personalities of deceased loved ones (for ex. Loud/ funny/ quiet)

  • “As we see in another, so we see ourselves.” (If someone irritates us, it is something we don’t want to acknowledge in ourselves.    

  • Anger without projection is impossible.

  • Forgiveness exercise.

  • Forgive the person, not the action.

  • Clear it – “I am willing to release that part of me that irritates me when I think of you.”

  • *Judgment is ego based.     

  • Guidance is God based.

  • Choose your words.

  • Put energy in what the client wants, not what he/she doesn’t want!

  • Automatic writing

  • Spinning to clear chakras

  • Warm sea salt baths and sitting by fire opens up third eye

  • Hold intention of seeing

  • Lighter diet

  • Angel Circle

  • Everyone will do automatic writing readings


Second Day

  • Meditation

  • Calling on angels before healing

  • Doing distant healing to clear one’s own chakras

  • Doing distant healing to heal clients before they come.

  • See the person healed, whole, happy.

  • Healer knows he/she is one with client.

-     Tuning forks

  • Tapping

  • Sensing problem areas

  • Protecting oneself/ clearing space

  • Getting rid of allergies energetically

  • Talk about essay



Part 3


First Day

  • Meditation to connect (Ask angels to come into the room)

  • Concentrating on one’s breath (count exhales to 10)

  • Staring at candle

  • Crystals

  • Psychometry

  • Sensing “beyond” what someone is saying

  • Dreams and dream journals

  • Angel cards

  • Everyone will do angel card readings


Second Day

-Meditation (chanting)

  • Importance of healers healing themselves

  • Clearing chakras using Reiki 2

  • Cutting cords

  • Thoughts and disease

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Auras – Strengthening, scanning, expanding, balancing, massaging, and clearing them

  • Using color to heal

  • Seeing through the eyes of another

  • Setting up your practice

  • Setting fees, finding space or an office, disclaimers, insurance, etc.

  • Summing it all up/ talk about essay

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