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My Mom Sending Me Dollar Bills from Above

The last day my mother was conscious before she died, she was telling my family and me that she was sorry she didn’t get Christmas presents for anyone. (She couldn’t because she was too weak!) She promised to make it up to all of us on Easter. Of course we told her it was okay, and not to worry about it.

She still wasn’t happy about not giving us anything and turned to me and asked, “Karen, can I borrow $7? Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back.”

I grabbed seven singles out of my wallet and gave them to her.

She took each dollar bill and handed them out to everyone while saying, “One for you…. one for you…, one for you…, “ until all seven dollars were handed out.

She was so cute and was happy to be able to give us all something that day.

After she passed away, I forgot all about this incident — until I started finding $1 bills in the most random places. One day I found one on my car seat. The same day I found one on the floor in my office. The next day I found one on the floor in my house.

At that time, I began wondering why I was finding all these one-dollar bills. Then, all of a sudden, I felt my mother in the room, whispering to me, “I TOLD you I’d pay you back! I love you with all my heart. ” I started to cry and answered her, “Ma, you didn’t have to pay me back. And I love YOU with all my heart.”

I can’t wait to see where I’ll find the remaining dollars – not because I want the money back – but because I know my Mom will continue to be around me – with the same personality she always had! She always made sure she paid off all her debts. Now I just have to wait to see what she’ll do on Easter!

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