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Life is an Interview for Heaven…Aim to Impress :)

Life is not just the approximate 80 years we spend on this Earth. This is not simply my belief, it happens to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Knowing the truth is the most important thing you have in your eternal life. If you think of life like building your dream house, truth is the solid foundation your house is built upon. Without the truth, your house is built on sand and faces the risk of collapse at any time. I don’t know this most important truth because I was taught this as a child or because an inspirational speaker won my heart. I know this truth because I directly connect with souls in the so-called “afterlife.” I see these souls, I hear these souls, and I speak to them directly. No matter the circumstances of my contact with these souls, there is one resounding mantra that shines through. What you do and say NOW, affects eternity.

So when taking an observer’s perspective on your life, you come away with a few insights. One, your earthly life is actually quite short. Compared to eternity, your life is a grain of sand in an ever-expanding beach. Two, that one little grain of sand is the most important grain on that beach. That little grain holds the power to decide how you will spend your time on that beach. In your earthly life, you have the power to decide whether your days on that beach will be showered with sunshine, clear skies, and a cool breeze, or whether you picked the wrong day to go to the beach. Thinking of your life in this perspective almost gives you the impression that your earthly life is sort of an interview for eternity – a brief evaluation of your qualifications, your accomplishments, and your spirit. So it begs the question: why don’t we aim to impress?

Think about what we do before a job interview, assuming we really want the job of course. First, we make sure we’re presentable. Women go to the salon, guys make sure they’re freshly shaven, and we choose the nicest, most appropriate outfit in our closet. A sharp candidate will research the company and the interviewer. Interviewees understand that the more they know about the company and the interviewer, the better they will handle situations and questions in the interview. Finally, and possibly the most important, a candidate makes sure he or she is on time. It is the first test of how accountable you are. Simply put, you have to SHOW UP.

Your interview is happening right now. Cease the moment and become the strongest candidate you can be. From how to handle life situations to how you love others, you have the ability and opportunity to be a superstar in this eternal life. If you’ve been absent in the past, it’s time to show up. It’s time to be the shining eternal soul you were created to be. This interview is all you have! Take what I’ve said to heart and make this the absolute best possible life for you and for all those around you.

Angel Hugs to you!

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