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Through the Eyes

I recently had a client and friend, Sue, on The Angel Quest Radio show who spoke about the power of positive affirmations. After a devastating diagnosis, she took the proper medical steps, but knew in her heart that she also needed spiritual healing if she was going to heal. She spoke of an affirmation that had an amazing impact on her healing. Her process was to stand in front of the mirror for ten minutes, three times a day, and repeat this affirmation with soul and conviction. Then she threw in the same affirmation once in the morning and once at bedtime, just for good measure. Well, it got me thinking, what else could we repeat to ourselves in the mirror everyday that would positively affect our lives – something that was short and sweet that would help us every day? Suddenly I looked down at my book Through the Eyes of Another and realized, “There it is!”

Seriously, what a short easy phrase that can illuminate a quality we need to constantly hone in on — empathy. “Through the eyes of another,” is a strong reminder that we need to be in tune with how our actions and words affect the people around us. Being able to see through another’s eyes will transform your life and the lives around you. This I promise you. So say it with me, “Through the Eyes of Another.”

Love you, and angel blessings.

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