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Spiritual Amnesia

Where are they? Ugh, this is such a pain. Where did I put them? Honestly, this is embarrassing. I’ve turned the house upside down! I’ve got places to go, and people to see, and I can’t find them anywhere. Where are my keys?

Have you had this conversation with yourself? I mean, it’s not like keys aren’t important. As a matter of fact, they’re very important; you use them everyday. You need them to get you places in life. You need them to open doors in your life. However, as important as they are, we seem to have short -term amnesia when it comes to where we put our keys. Our spirituality is treated much the same way. Even though focusing on spirituality has given us peace, we often don’t go there. No matter how many doors our faith has opened for us in our lives, we tend to forget about it. It’s almost like when it comes to our faith, we have short -term spiritual amnesia.

Working on our spirit and staying connected to our energy source has to be a constant process. We often get so distracted by life that we get away from the power and energy of our spirit and let the world dictate our direction in life. We forget that our connection to God is the GPS in the journey of life!

However, there is another reason that spiritual upkeep is necessary. We will never know everything we need to know about our souls. We will never be done learning about our spirits. This is actually quite a cool system! Think about it – it is the continual search for spiritual enlightenment that keeps us constantly progressing. As human beings, the minute we get something or reach the top, we want more. Just as many fields require us to take continuing education courses to keep our certification, our souls require us to study our evolving field of energy.

If this sounds like a lot of work; you’re right – it is -but it’s totally worth it..

So be excited about working on your spiritual evolution… because it really pays eternal dividends.

Angel blessings to you!

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