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Unnecessary Necessities

Dancing may have filled you with joy and inspiration when you were little. Dance practice, recitals, dancing in your room; that was everything in life. You may have played the piano when you were young. As a matter of fact, you may have been quite good and loved to impress people with your talent. Well, you may say, “I have no time for that now.” What about the art, the beautiful art you may have painted? You may have even decided to use the wall in your room as a canvas. And when your mother walked in and had every right to be furious, she just couldn’t…because it was too beautiful. Or perhaps it was something else that brought you excitement when you were young, but regardless, you feel as if those days are long gone.

It may feel as if life just doesn’t seem to have room for fun and creativity anymore. With all the REAL responsibilities in our lives, the activities that feed our creative souls may just seem, well, unnecessary. I’ve actually thought the same thing many times. Fun and creativity, those are things of the past, I thought. Then surprisingly, a ukelele came to enlighten me.

Yes, I said a ukelele. See, when I was youngER, I used to play the ukelele, and I loved it. So recently I made what I thought was a small decision and bought one, you know, just for fun. I could never have imagined what kind of impact it had on my soul! Playing the ukelele has brought so much joy into my life, not just when I play, but all the time. I find myself singing more in the car and dancing when I’m home alone in my house. It’s almost like that little ukelele has fed this creative soul that has been starving for attention. It is almost like I NEED that ukelele.

I think I know why. Go outside to your favorite quiet spot and observe nature for a few minutes. Observe the sky, the variety of the plants, and all the different sounds. Our universe is bursting with creativity! As human beings, we are woven with the same fabric of the universe. Look at our own bodies – we literally embody creativity! Creativity is fun, and fun is creativity. It is a freedom to let our ideas, thoughts, and talents flow in a way that brings us happiness. It feeds our soul. What you think is fun isn’t an afterthought – It’s YOU! It isn’t time wasted. – It’s life gained! So make some time in your life for something that you just enjoy; something that’s just pure fun. Who knows? It may change every other aspect of your life for the better. You might actually realize…it’s necessary!

Many blessings to you!

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