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Fulfill Your Dreams With New Beginnings This Spring

Now that it’s spring, it’s a good time to begin the project that you’ve been putting off for a long time. You know the one. The book your fingers have been itching to write. The painting you’ve pictured in your mind so many times that you know how each brush stroke will fall. Maybe even a bigger project, like starting a new business or learning a new skill. Now is the time to do whatever is in you to do. I understand that starting a new project, especially one as intimidating as a book, a painting, or a new business, is daunting. In fact, I believe most of us need a little additional motivation to take that first step. This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play to help you.

Remember, your thoughts and emotions create your reality. To use this to your advantage, focus on how great you’ll feel when the book is finished. Imagine how the paper grain of your finished manuscript feels under your fingertips as you place it in the envelope to send to the publisher. Let the emotions of pride and satisfaction fill you now, as it will when the last sentence on the final page is written. Or, envision how your painting will look on your wall, and how you will feel when your friends come over for coffee and ask, “Did you paint that?” Whatever your project is, it’s important to feel how good it will feel when your project is completed. And that emotion will help to carry you over any hurdles you may encounter, from the beginning to the very end.

I use this in my own life all the time, and the results have been amazing! Before I published Through the Eyes of Another, I had an agent who never returned my calls, and I was very upset. The day our contract expired, I didn’t know what to do, but I thought “at least I can find someone else, or do something on my own.” I sat down to meditate and asked the angels what I should do now, and one word popped into my consciousness: “Balboa.” I thought to myself, “What? Are the angels calling me Rocky Balboa? What does Balboa mean?” I went to my computer and typed in the word. What came up on my search results page was that the top spiritual publishing house, Hay House, had just opened a new division called “Balboa Press.” Well, I signed up with Balboa Press that day. However, I had always wanted to be a Hay House author and I wasn’t quite there yet.

Let me backtrack a little here. A year earlier, I began focusing on how great it would feel if the president of Hay House called and asked me to come aboard there. Then six months after self-publishing with Balboa Press, I received an email from the President of Hay House asking to meet me at their New York “Movers and Shakers” event. He wrote that he wanted to give me important news. When we finally met, he asked me to become the first Balboa Press author to come aboard at Hay House! I was thrilled. I am now a Hay House author and I am living my dreams. I’m even writing another book for them that will be released in the beginning of next year.

And if I can live my dreams, so can you! The Law of Attraction works like a magnet. Use the polarity of your thoughts, and most importantly your emotions, to pull you in the direction you wish to go. Today, focus on the feeling of succeeding at the thing you’ve always wanted to try and let it lead you forward!

Many blessings to you!

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