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Our Loved Ones Retain Their Personality Even After They Die

Our deceased loved ones retain the same personality that they had when they were here. If they were funny, they are still funny; if they were loud, they are still loud! And such was the case with Marion.

I had a friend named Marion who passed away a few years ago. In life, she was very loud and funny. After she passed, I asked her to give me a sign to let me know she was okay. Little did I know just how fast she’d come around to let me know she was around me.

The very next weekend, as I was walking down the steps to place letters in my mailbox, a gray bird flew so quickly toward me that I thought she was going to crash right in to my chest! She eventually landed on my mailbox and watched me as I stuffed the envelopes inside.

Then she screamed, “Waaaa!” and looked directly into my eyes. The bird was desperately trying to get my attention, and I immediately knew it was Marion.

“Marion!” I started to cry. “Marion, oh my God, Marion!’

I had my cell phone in my pocket and immediately called my son, who was in the house, and shouted, “Hurry, come outside. Marion is here!”

He came outside with a puzzled look on his face and then saw the bird still screaming as it flew to a tree across the driveway.

If my neighbors had heard me, I’m sure they would have thought I had lost my mind! I was answering the bird out loud: “Marion, I love you. I’m so glad you’re okay!” After what seemed like an eternity, the bird finally flew away. I went inside, had a good cry, and thanked her for giving me this wonderful gift of letting me know she was okay.

Needless to say, I am thrilled that my beloved friend let me know she was near. There have been countless other times when Marion has made appearances to family and friends through messages and dreams, and she is still appearing as different birds at just the right time. I am ever so grateful that she is making sure I know she is still around and is very much at peace.

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