Deceased Loved Ones Can Come Through With the Perfect Song At the Perfect Time

Our deceased loved ones love to give us signs to let us know they are with us. If we are not paying attention to the messages they are giving us, they will come in ways that we cannot ignore. In my upcoming book, “Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss,” I talk about many of these “without a doubt” signs.

One type is when our loved ones give messages through music. Make sure to notice if your loved ones’ favorite songs, with the exact words you need to hear, come on at perfect, unexpected times. It is their way of saying, “Pay attention! I’m really with you.”

Such was the case when Rita received this type of sign right in the middle of an appointment she had with me. As her father was coming through with messages, I stopped and asked him to give Rita some definitive signs to let her know that he was around her. Right after I’d said, “Come on, please comfort her and give her a sign,” Rita’s cell phone rang. The ring tone on her phone was the song “Let It Be” by The Beatles—her favorite song. She knew it was her father, giving her the sign we had just requested. If that wasn’t enough, a few minutes later her phone rang again, and it said “Dad” on the caller ID! She tried calling the number back, but no one answered.

Rita left that day knowing her precious father truly was around her. How wonderful that he understood what we’d requested of him and gave his daughter these awesome signs on demand to make her aware of his loving presence. Now Rita is finally able to “let it be,” because she realizes that her dad really is okay and is watching over her and her family!

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