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Speak it Into Existence

Think of the words you speak as the paintbrush to the canvas of your life. Picture your life as a blank canvas where anything you dream can be painted into existence. What kind of picture would you paint? Would you use bright colors? Would you paint a place that gave you peace? Maybe you would paint a place you always wanted to go? If I had a blank canvas, I think I would simply paint something that put a smile on my face. This is the power of your words. The way you speak sends ripples through the waters of the universe; it affects everything and everyone around you. So as the artist with the brush in your hand, be sure to paint your masterpiece. You can have the most profound effect on others’ lives by taking the time to encourage them, to motivate them, or just give them friendly advice. Furthermore, you have the power of creating the circumstances you want in your life by simply speaking them into existence. Speak them consistently and speak them with conviction, and you can paint a work of art.

Take this into consideration; every time you speak with people, you have a chance to change their lives. I know, it sounds like a big responsibility. That’s because it is. With that said, it’s one of the biggest gifts we’ve been given in this world. There is something about changing a person’s life that just can’t be taken away from you. It’s so deep and profound that it lasts through eternity. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. If you have the chance to tell others you love them, take it! If you can bring someone peace through your words, do it! If you think you can give your loved ones advice that could change the course of their lives, don’t miss that chance.

There is no human being that has a more profound influence in the outcomes of your life than you. So with that truth in mind; what are you saying about yourself? What are you consistently telling yourself to do? My point is simple – if you aren’t your biggest fan, motivator, and friend in this world, then who is? Positive affirmations should be a part of your daily routine. Post an inspirational phrase on your mirror and repeat it to yourself every morning and every night. Post your goals on the refrigerator and read them out loud everyday. When you get down, stop yourself, and pick yourself back up. Remind yourself you are a child of God and speak victory into existence.

If you do take the opportunity to use the power of words, make sure that you understand that your tone is just as powerful as the words. Make sure the words you speak are firmly rooted in love. Make sure your tone is one that builds up rather than tears down. Let your words be a beacon of light to you and to those around you. You were blessed with a blank canvas; now go be the artist you were created to be!

Many blessings to you!

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