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Peace with No Strings

One area that may be hampering peace in our lives often goes unnoticed. It is so engrained in our daily routine that we often don’t see it or realize it. In our quest to find peace and let go of the past, we tend to leave one string attached. That string is called JUDGMENT.

Don’t mistake this with having good judgment. That is a positive thing in our lives. Analyzing situations and making good decisions is a true blessing. It’s when judgment becomes personal that we often run into trouble. When you think about it, people are way too complex to be judged. Life is such a long, complicated story – so judging someone on one action or situation would not make any sense.

Seeing through the other person’s eyes and then forgiving him or her can help us to create peace in our lives. Forgiveness is a letting go of what was done and moving forward towards a path of love – with no strings attached. Remember the saying, “It’s not the snake bite that kills you; it’s the venom that is left behind.” It is also true that our judgment of others can make us feel judged as well. If we judge others, we subconsciously think that others look at us in the same way. Let’s not waste our time on those things. Let’s walk around with a smile because not only can we spread love, but we ARE love as well.

Most importantly, stop judging yourself! Of you course we’ve made mistakes. However, we cannot be judged on a single moment in time. We are always a work in progress moving toward our best self. We must stop being so hard on ourselves and instead look forward to the greatness that lies ahead of us.

Remember that you are a beautiful soul that needs to be free and at peace. Admitting you have faults doesn’t make you bad – it makes you humble and human. Dwelling on those faults, however, is not the answer. Use that energy in a positive direction and commit to making transformative changes in your life. The results will lead to a freedom and love you’ve never experienced before.

Angel blessings to you!

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