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Prayer to See Through God’s Eyes

God, help me to see through your loving eyes.

Guide my thoughts to be more aligned with yours.

Enable me to treat all those around me with the respect that they deserve.

Allow me to perceive everything and everyone with your love and understanding.

Help me to grasp the truth - that we truly are all one, and whatever we do to ourselves or another affects the whole.

Assist me in embracing the concept that all nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and species are equal.

Show me how I may best serve this beautiful Universe.

Aid me in extending kindness and compassion to all those I meet.

Help me to release all negative feelings I have about myself or anyone else.

Assist me in finding my highest life’s purpose.

Help me to focus on your glorious light and on the many blessings around me.

May I continue to make a positive difference in this world.

Now and forever, Amen.

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