Prayer to Raise the Vibration of the World

Dearest God, please allow all of us to rise to a higher level of consciousness where peace prevails on Earth.

Help us release all negative and fearful energy now. Allow us to see your love within each person. Take away anything that blinds us from experiencing this total love. Please release negativity from all world leaders. Allow them to see that love and forgiveness are the most powerful weapons, and allow only leaders who will maintain peace to remain in a position of power. Allow your love to dispel all darkness from everyone involved in terroristic activities. Let this love permeate them now so that they will never want to harm anyone again. Let your love shine through in the media so that love and peace are the main focus, not war and violence Allow those in the media to understand that they bring more energy to what they cover, so allow them to deliberately cover more peaceful, positive events that are happening in this world. We thank you, God, and all your wonderful angels for allowing us to experience only peace from this point on. We are sorry for the error of our ways in the past, but that is all behind us now. At this time and forevermore, may peace prevail on Earth. And so it is. Karen Noé, We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace

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