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Michelle Lamont of the Award-winning Manifesting Miracles Podcast

on the Next Angel Quest Show

Part 2

(Michelle was on last month as well) 

Available After April 1 on

and All Other Major Podcasts


Michelle Lamont will be my guest again on the next Angel Quest Show. From orphanage to Oprah to omnipresent, award-winning manifestation expert, Michelle, is expanding and amplifying her mindfulness message across platforms and across America. A testament to the power of her positivity, Michelle launched her first business at age 8, despite growing up in an orphanage. Relying on a relentless spirit and unwavering belief that she can pray, dream and speak intentions into realities, she ran a successful dog-centric business and later a public relations company that led to an interview with Oprah and connected her clients with high-profile partnerships on TV networks such as Bravo, WE, Style, and Aspire. These days Michelle is a certified “Happiness Expert” and a successful TEDx motivational speaker, life coach, mindfulness teacher, and manifestation guru. Her award-winning Manifesting Miracles podcast recently burst into the Top 20 of Apple’s self-help genre with approximately a quarter-million listens.

            We had so much to discuss on last month’s podcast, so I asked her to be on again. Make sure to tune in after April 1 on and all other major podcasts. It’s going to be a great show. 

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