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A Course in Miracles Mind Training

Live Online Group Course

with Timothy Noe

Tuesday, November 7, 6pm – 7pm

Tuesday, November 14, 6pm – 7pm

Tuesday, November 21, 6pm – 7pm

Tuesday, November 28, 6pm – 7pm

Fee: $80


A Course in Miracles is such a wonderfully powerful tool to help us remain in Peace, Joy, and Love through any worldly circumstance. Timothy Noe, son of Karen Noé, leads this course, using his 4 years of teaching experience with the Course to systematically translate the seemingly obscure language of ACIM into easily-accessible spoonfuls of spirit that are highly practical and relevant to daily life.


In this course, you will:

-Gain practical psychological tools to apply ACIM teachings throughout your daily life

-Optimize how you think about yourself and the world, to be of greatest benefit to both

-Strengthen your ability to remain in Peace through any circumstance

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