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Happy autumn! I hope you enjoyed the summer and spent plenty of time with those you love!




I’m excited to share that I’ll be doing another monthly podcast, but this time it’ll with my son, Tim! The first podcast is on Wednesday, October 5 at 4pm Eastern time. 


Spirit Matters:

A mother-son dialogue bridging reason and spirituality

Karen Noé and her son, Timothy Noe, have taken vastly different paths to come to the same conclusion: Spirit Matters. 

Tim’s perspective is flavored by a physics degree from Duke University and a devoted study to 

A Course in Miracles alongside the Bible in its original languages. 

Karen is a psychic medium and author with a two-year waitlist who has reliably received communication from the deceased for three decades, including from Dr. Wayne Dyer to his family.

Karen and Tim discuss all matters of spirit to show that spirit matters.



I’d like to continue this newsletter with a little blurb from my book, 

Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss. 



Getting Rid of Guilt After a Loved One Dies

You may be feeling that you should have done something differently to have prevented their death—or you may believe that you didn’t carry out their wishes the way they wanted, didn’t treat them the way you should have, or could have spent more time with them.

If you’re feeling guilty for anything you did or didn’t do, please understand that your deceased loved ones are in a place of complete love, where blame no longer exists. They actually see the bigger perspective; that is, they are able to understand your actions completely.

During the writing of this book, I taught a class on how to communicate with angels and deceased loved ones. During the class, the mother of a student named Anthony came through and talked to him about her being buried without her rings. (Apparently, when she was still alive, she had instructed him that she wanted to be buried wearing her wedding and engagement

rings. He decided to give the rings to his daughter instead, and had been holding on to this guilt for over eight years!) His mother gave him the message that she doesn’t need the rings where she is now and understands why he chose to give them to his daughter. She went on to tell her son how much she loved him and that he should stop feeling guilty. Of course, he was so relieved to hear this message and told me that he’s finally able to move on with his life again.

Another source of guilt for many people is that they believe they could have prevented their loved one’s passing. Despite this common feeling, the response from the departed is always that there was nothing anyone could have done that would have prolonged his or her life; it was simply the right time to go. Needless to say, my clients and students breathe a sigh of relief

and are so thankful to hear this important message. 

Remember, all that exists in the afterlife is unconditional love, total understanding, and blamelessness. This is why it’s important to release all the unnecessary guilt you’ve been carrying around. They’re seeing you through the eyes of love and not pointing the finger at

you for what you’ve done wrong!








Angel Quest Radio Podcast



Jessica Cording, author of

The Farewell Tour: A Caregiver’s Guide

to Stress Management,

Sane Nutrition, and Better Sleep

on the next Angel Quest Show

Saturday, October 1 at 10:30am Eastern Time on


Click here for more information


Click here for past shows  

This show and all of the other Angel Quest Shows are offered as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, 

and most of the podcast platforms out there. 

So, make sure to tune in and listen when you get a chance, if you can’t catch the show on that date.













Steps to Healing After Experiencing Trauma



Self-Love Begins with a Better Awareness of the We Consciousness


Prayer to Become an Instrument of Peace


Classes in October

(All are in person at the Angel Quest Center 

81 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ unless otherwise stated)


Reiki 1 – In Person

Saturday, October 15, 2022 and Sunday, October 16, 2022

9am -12n both days

In this 2- day workshop, students will learn this “hands on” healing method, and will be given 4 attunements of Reiki energy. Books and materials will be handed out in class.

How to Connect with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

Saturday, October 22, 1pm - 5pm

In this class, you will learn how to receive messages from the angels and those who have crossed over to the other side. (This class fills up very quickly, so please sign up early if you can.)


Have the best month ever!  And always remember to spread your love and light to all those around you!


Many hugs,


Karen Noé

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