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Angel Quest 

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Waldwick, NJ 07463

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I just wanted to remind you to call upon those in the celestial realm to help guide and protect you. Remember, in reality they are all part of you anyway! Whether it is God, the angels, ascended masters, saints, enlightened beings from other areas in the universe, or deceased loved ones, it doesn’t matter! All you have to say is, “Thank you for allowing me to feel your presence now,” and then be patient and wait, and they will be there for you! 


            Here’s a video where I explain how to do this. 

Calling Upon Angels and Deceased Loved Ones


Angel Quest Radio

On the next Angel Quest show...


Jeff Olsen

Author of Knowing: Memoirs of a Journey Beyond the Veil 

and Choosing Joy after Tragic Loss

on the next Angel Quest Show on 

Saturday, November 2 at 10:30am Eastern Time on www.hudsonriverradio.com


            Near death experiencer, Jeff Olsen, will be my guest on the next Angel Quest Radio Show on Saturday, November 2 at 10:30am Eastern Time. Jeff is a bestselling author who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing story of perseverance and inner strength. After a horrific automobile accident took the lives of his wife and youngest son, also inflicting multiple life-threatening injuries to him, including the amputation of his left leg, he found the courage to survive over 18 surgeries to eventually heal, both physically and emotionally. 


            Jeff has appeared on many national and international television and radio programs sharing his insights. Olsen’s latest book, “Knowing,” is a compilation of his earlier works, yet with even deeper insights and extended chapters, while maintaining the same emotional connection of Olsen’s body of work.  


            He continues to work as a Creative Director and participates on several boards, including The Road Home, The Wholeness Network, and the International Association for Near Death Studies. 


            Among all of Jeff’s accomplishments, he is most proud of and most fulfilled by simply being a husband, father and friend.

            So, make sure to tune in on Saturday, November 2 at 10:30am Eastern Time on www.hudsonriverradio.com. It’s going to be an amazing show!

You can listen to all archived Angel Quest Shows here


And don't forget to also tune in the first Saturday of every month at 10:30am 

Eastern time for live shows.


  So many of us are waiting for a leader that will turn things around and change the world. I’m encouraging all of you to become that kind of leader right here/ right now, and make a difference in your life and the lives around you.

Here’s an article I wrote about this very topic.

Become the Kind of Leader You’d Like to See in the World

And finally, I wanted to talk a little about how you can find peace and joy in your everyday life. Here’s an article I wrote about this topic, called Begin Your Day by Counting Your Blessings.

Begin Your Day by Counting Your Blessings


Special Events


Edgar Cayce's ARE

(Association of Research and Enlightenment)

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Psychic's Guide to Awakening

Your Natural Intuitive Abilities

Friday, November 8 - Sunday, November 10


The Wisdom of Reiki Conference

at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

May 29 – May 31, 2020


Click here to register


Gain the skills to build your own professional practice in this healing immersion with Reiki leaders -

William Lee Rand, Brett Bevell, Karen Noé, and more.


There are many Reiki lineages, but the energy itself is universal and divine.

In this weekend immersion designed to heal and awaken, you gather in community with other practitioners to gain insights, skills, and spiritual wisdom through a deep exploration of Reiki—one of the most popular energy healing practices in the world. Facilitated by leading Reiki teachers and authors from diverse lineages, you embark on a profound healing journey that includes:

·       Experiencing a Holy Fire Reiki session designed to liberate you to fulfill your life purpose

·       Discovering the Inner Layers of the 5 Precepts of Reiki

·       Exploring the wisdom of how Reiki heals

·       Learning a powerful Japanese healing chant

·       Experiencing Reiki shares, clinics, and community

Learn to access and experience powerful Reiki healing meditations through your own psychic connection with the divine intelligence of Reiki. Become empowered to contact departed loved ones and access angelic wisdom and support during sessions for enhancing Reiki attunements.

 Empower Yourself by Enhancing Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Friday, June 12, 2020 – Sunday, June 14, 2020


Everything you need to know is within you. All you have to do is to trust your inner guidance and act upon what you receive. As a psychic medium with a 2-year wait list, Karen will show you how to access important information in every area of your life – whether it be your career, relationships, monetary issues, or even receiving signs and messages from the celestial realm.


In this class, you will learn how to:

  • know if the information you are getting is real

  • act upon the information you are receiving

  • clear the energy in your aura and around you to increase your insights

  • remove emotional blockages that are preventing you from receiving the messages you desire (using the emotional freedom technique)

  • meditate and quiet your mind to increase clarity

  • raise your vibration to receive intuitive hits

  • receive guidance and signs from the celestial realm

  • and so much more


Karen will be doing fun exercises to test your intuitive abilities, to see how you are best able to retrieve the information that so desire.

You will pair off with others to:

  • receive intuitive messages in pictures

  • feel the energy of an individual’s personal objects

  • sense and see auras

  • and use a pendulum to receive the answers that you are looking for

Stay tuned for registration information!

Local Classes

(Waldwick, NJ)

A Course in Miracles

Discussion Group

Sunday, November 3, 1pm – 2pm

Fee: Free

Would you like to have Infinite Intelligence as a guide through each moment, directing us with our best interest in Mind?


This Universal Consciousness is Here Now, available at our request. It does not force its guidance upon us; rather, it awaits our willingness to be guided.

This "little willingness" is not a sacrifice; it is a choice.


This "little willingness" is a concept extended within the text A Course In Miracles. Karen and her son Tim Noé will be leading a discussion group on the text. You're welcome to join!



Reiki Master Class

Saturday, November 16, 9am – 12n, and Sunday, November 17, 9am – 12n

Prerequisite, Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

Fee: $495

This class is for those who wish to give attunements and teach Reiki classes. Students will also be given a final Reiki attunement which allows them to pass on the Reiki energy to others.


Angel Quest Healing Certification Course – Part 2

(Prerequisite: Reiki 1 and Reiki 2)

Saturday, November 30, 2018 - 9am - 1pm 

and Sunday, December 1, 9am - 1pm

Fee: $285

This is the 2nd part of a 3 – part certification course for those who want to learn more “in-depth” alternative healing and communication with angels and deceased loved ones. On the first day of each level, we will learn how to connect with angels and deceased loved ones, and on the second day, we will learn healing methods for the mind, body, and spirit.

To become certified, you must take all 3 parts – but they do not have to be in order.

Thank you!

Have an amazing day!  And always remember to focus on your many blessings and the love that is all around you!




Many hugs,


Karen Noé