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The Paths to God Series:

Introduction to Experiencing God Together

a 4-week Live Online Group Class

with Karen Noé and her son, Timothy Noe

November 2023

This is offered live on-line via Zoom

(ALL classes are recorded and shared for those who cannot attend live)

Fee: $150 for full 4-week series

Monday, November 6  6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)
Monday, November 13, 6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

Monday, November 20, 6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

Monday, November 27, 6pm- 7:30pm (US Eastern)


Week 1 - Introduction

Monday, November 6  6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

1.      Who are we?

                  Karen’s experience with the Light

                  Tim’s experience with the Void

2.      Who/What is God?

                  Different names – same God

                  God is All in All

3.      How to know God?

                  Raise your vibration to sense God more easily

                  Sensing God and his Angels (God’s messengers) using the 4 Clairs

                  Think about God

                  Seek Ye First the Kingdom

 Week 2 - Spiritual Practice

Monday, November 13, 6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

1.      What is a Spiritual Practice?

                  Habitual grounding exercise to orient momentum towards God

2.      Types of Practice

                  Meditation – experiencing God– listening to God

                  Different types of meditation

                  Sacred Study of Scripture

                  Kabbalistic Approach

3.      Fruits of Practice


 Week 3 - Prayer and Validation

Monday, November 20, 6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

1.      What is prayer?

                  Talking to God

                  An acknowledgment of alignment with the Greater Divine Presence

2.      Types of Prayer

                  Christian/ Hebrew/ Scientific

                  Thanksgiving/ Petition/ Recited/ Talking to God

3.      Seeking Validation in the World

                  Examples of Encounters with God and his Angels

                  What is an Angel? 

                  Signs in your life from those in the Celestial Realm

                  Holy Spirit as presented in ACIM

 Week 4 - Accessing Heaven Now

Monday, November 27, 6pm - 7:30pm (US Eastern)

1.      Life After Death

                  Scientific Approach to Studying Afterlife

                  Talk about book, “Proof of Life After Life”

2.      Where and when is Heaven reached?

                  How near-death experiencers encounter God

                  What is a life review?

                  “Heaven is not a state or condition. It is merely an awareness of total oneness.” 

3.      Making a Life Review a Regular Practice

                  Why do we have to wait to go through our life review?

                  Being willing to see truly in order improve oneself

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