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Are We Lions or Are We Lambs?

There’s an old saying that the month of March can come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Or it can come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. It means that if the weather is stormy and unpleasant at the beginning of the month (like a lion), then most often the end of March will be pleasant, sunny, and warm (like a lamb). Or the opposite could happen. It’s a lovely American saying and, much like the tradition of the groundhog, it’s a comforting thought we hold dear to our hearts because we love springtime, and the nice weather that comes with spring provides us hope and optimism.

Our lives have similar ebbs and flows. We experience ups and downs, highs and lows, and sometimes we feel like a lion. while at other times we feel like lambs. But what about the afterlife and when we crossover? I can tell you from years as a medium, the lion does not follow us. In the afterlife, those you love have found peace.

And this is where I most often find my greatest sessions. That is, when I witness a restless spirit that found peace. When I can help someone connect with their loved ones and learn about this peace, I feel I am doing my greatest work.

In out own lives, it is important to be aware if we are lions or lambs. Knowing and recognizing our own spirit and moods will help us navigate all of life and its many phases. Are we lions in the morning and lambs at night? Are we lambs early in the week and lions on Friday? Which are you when you show up at a party? Or at a meeting? Or at a family gathering or holiday party? Which are you at the beginning and end of every conversation with those you love? What about with those you hardly know?

The more we focus on this yin and yang and this lion and lamb phenomenon, the more peaceful and effective we can be in all phases of our lives. I was feeling like a lamb at the beginning of this blog entry, but now I feel like a lion ready to take on life with passion and fire, yet be gentle and kind when needed.

We cannot always predict which we’ll be at any particular point, but if we know what’s happening when we’re in the moment, we can capitalize on those emotions and that spirit and seize each moment.

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