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Energy, Control, and Gratitude

We are all looking for one thing in life – control. It might sound over simplistic, but when you take a close look, most people want to feel that they have direct input into their outputs. In other words, they want to know that the things they do in life will lead to the results they want. The good news is, that your wish is entirely possible. The bad news is, most people have no idea how to get that control. Do not despair!

In order to move into the realm of control, a basic principle must be stamped on your heart. Energy is real. Energy is everywhere. Energy is everything. The sooner you accept this truth, the sooner you get in touch with your vibrating soul. The sooner you get in touch with your vibrating soul, the sooner you can control its frequency and hence control the outcomes in your life. These are not new concepts. Every generation has had its enlightened souls who preached and lived out these philosophies. Throughout these generations, some adopted the philosophies, while most disregarded them as “hocus pocus.” However, we live in exciting times. The advent of the information age has opened up this knowledge to the masses. More importantly, science, often regarded as the proof that “hocus pocus” doesn’t exist, is now proving that it DOES. I am by no means a quantum physicist, but it is great to have science on your side.

So now you accept that energy exists. Kind of like when you feel someone walking up behind you. You didn’t hear them, you didn’t see them, yet somehow, you felt them. Now it’s time to start changing your soul’s frequency. Controlling your outcomes in life is a multistep process, but this article will begin with one foundational shift in your energy. Changing your soul from a state of “lacking” to a state of gratitude is the key. This is immensely important because this is the quickest and most transformative way to change your energy from a negative vibration to a positive vibration. A positive vibration will in turn yield positive results in your life. So called “positive coincidences” will suddenly appear in your life, and you’ll wonder if it was because your attitude changed. The answer is yes!

Do not confuse this with a fake positivity in the face of bad situations. Yes, situations in your life can be unexpected and seem negative. It is not that you should deny these things exist; it is that you no longer make it the ONLY thing that matters. Stop worshiping the negatives. The reality is that positives very heavily outweigh negatives in your life. I guarantee it. Focusing all your energy on your negatives blinds you to the positives. That’s where gratitude comes in. Stop, breathe, and look around. A new friend, a roof over your head, air conditioning, food in your stomach, a timely green light, the ability to read this article, the freedom read to this article, family, a teacher who cared, and maybe just simply the blessing of being able to control your energy to create your destiny.

Many blessings to you!

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