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That Was Odd

You finally decided to take that vacation you’ve been talking about for so long. You decided on the Caribbean, and boy did you make the right choice! As you’re lying on the beach marveling at the beauty of the white sands and staring peacefully at the clear water, a peculiar scent taps your nose. It smells so familiar that it causes you to look around curiously to see where it came from. You see no one. You say to yourself, “What is that smell?” Then suddenly a rush of memories hits you like a ton of bricks. “Oh my God, that was the same perfume my Grandmother used to wear!” You think to yourself…”how odd.”

It’s actually not odd at all. Your deceased Grandmother could very well be trying to connect with you. Believe it or not, the deceased want to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them. They are constantly looking for ways to connect and give you signs to help you recognize them. It could be a special song, a familiar item, or an unexpected occurrence that makes you stop in your tracks.

Be aware and conscious as you go about your daily life so you can be open to receive signs from your loved ones. Meditation is another key to connecting with loved ones as well. Learning to be still and quieting your thoughts is not only a way to let God speak to you, but it is also a way of letting your loved ones connect. The stillness of that clear blue ocean could very well have been what opened the door for your Grandmother to pay you a long awaited visit.

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