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Enter as Children, Lesson 1: Who Cares?

At least once in our adult lives we have uttered the words, “Ah, to be a child again…life was so simple then.” Well, things have changed and unfortunately life has to be more complicated as you grow older. Wait…who said life had to be more complicated? What changed?

Kids truly hold the key to our eternity in many respects. For this reason, I’ll be sharing children’s genius tidbits with you from time to time. Today’s tidbit is quite simple…who cares? You ever notice how young children are totally comfortable with themselves. They’ll grab a neon, green sweatshirt, the bottom half of a bathing suit, put on Mom’s high heels, and snatch that cowboy hat for good measure, and just walk right out the door! They walk right out with their head up and shoulders tall with a look that says, “Nailed It!” Do you remember when you just didn’t care much about what people thought and were just you?

It’s almost like somewhere in our late teens we start putting more stock into what everyone thinks about us and begin losing site of who we are. We start basing our decisions on the possible reactions of others rather than following our hearts. Years go by and suddenly we don’t even recognize ourselves. As long as your intentions are good, be bold, and do as your former child self would do and say, “Who cares!” Besides, you look great in that cowboy hat!

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