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PetSmart, what a fantastic name for a pet store! Sure, it’s simply and catchy, and yes, it’s kind of a cool play on words, depending on how you read it. PETS are SMART! If you think that cute little bark your dog makes every time someone rings the doorbell is all he has to say, then you just haven’t been listening. Pets have souls just like the rest of us, and personalities too! They are constantly trying to communicate with us, but they often feel they just can’t get through to us. Your dog or cat is probably walking around the house saying things like, “He never listens to me!” or “She never communicates with me!” The following are some steps you can take to open the lines of communication with your pet. Who knows, it might just help you with your human relationships too.

Quiet Your Thoughts:

Have you ever been deeply focused on the chatter going on in your brain only to have that focus broken by someone saying, “Are you listening to me?” Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. Learning to quiet your thoughts has many benefits. It can make you a better listener, it is central to meditation, and it also helps you communicate with your pets. Before you attempt to send a message to your pet telepathically, you must quiet your thoughts. Embrace the moment of stillness, peace, and silence.

Figure 8’s:

Now that your mind is still, begin making imaginary figure 8’s with your hand between you and the animal. You can learn more about this by listening to my “Animal Communication” show on Angel Quest Radio ( This really works, just try it!

The White Light:

Now focus your energy and generate an imaginary beam of white light from your heart to the animal’s heart. It’s almost like your hearts hold the key to the connection of souls. Once you have gone through this process of quieting your thoughts, figure 8’s, and the connection of souls; the pathway of communication is open.

The Message:

Make sure that when you decide to communicate with your animal you give them a positive message. Give them a message of something you want them to do rather than a message of something you don’t want them to do. Picture that message in your mind and direct it to your animal through your new open channel of communication. Before you know it, you and your animal will be communicating telepathically!

Many blessings to you!

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