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The Power of Passion

I find it funny that some people say they don’t believe in energy. Yet some of those same people often say things like, “That person is really passionate about what he does.” Did that person say he was passionate? Most likely no. The observer actually felt that person’s passion. He felt it because passion is one of the purest forms of energy in the universe. It’s like a child who comes home one day unexpectedly. The mother is sitting in her chair reading a book, when suddenly her son bursts through the door. The son stops in front of his mother’s chair, eyes gleaming. His surprised mother puts her book down. Before the mother can ask what he’s doing home, the son says, “Mom, I know what I want to do with my life!”

Whether you’ve seen this scene in a movie or experienced something similar in real life, one thing is for certain…passion doesn’t lie! Truth be told, passion is one of the most honest of energies. It is a spontaneous explosion of enthusiasm and desire. It simply can’t be faked! At this point it doesn’t matter what that son is going to tell his mother next. The mother can already feel the son’s energy and knows there’s no stopping him! How wonderful!

In life, you will not always be qualified for the challenges in front of you. However, being qualified does not always lead to success, but success ALWAYS requires passion. God wants us all to be passionate about what we do in life. Better yet, passion is a built in a guiding light that let’s you know you are moving in the right direction. You will soon realize that in your search for passion you will end up finding the truth of your purpose in this world.

Purpose is hidden in our passion.

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