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A Thought-FULL Gift This Holiday Season

It doesn’t matter how old we get; everyone loves getting gifts on the holidays. When we were children, our excitement grew in proportion to the size of the box our present was in. Remember? The bigger the box, the cooler the gift had to be, right? Funny enough, when we got older, the opposite effect was often true. The smaller the box, the more we thought there might be something expensive and special inside. We couldn’t wait to open it! However, as material things go, everything has a shelf life. Whether we grow out of that toy or one of our presents break, we often realize one important thing; it’s not the size of the gift, it’s the size of the thought that endures.

What is worth more than a thought? A thoughtful gift means the world. It means someone truly thought not only about what you like, but also thought about YOU. That is why an inexpensive gift with meaning often means more than an expensive gift without thought. It’s the same feeling you get when an old friend calls out of the blue and says, “I was just thinking about you.” What an impact such a small thing can have!

Do you want to have an eternal impact on your loved ones this holiday season? Do you want to give your loved ones a very thoughtful gift? Do you want to give your loved ones something that’s totally original and can’t be bought by anyone else? Well, it’s time to get your pen and paper ready :)

When you think about it, a letter is a collection of thought. As a matter of fact, there is no other gift that can hold as many thoughts as a heartfelt letter can. It is literally the most “thought-full” gift you could ever give anyone. Letters are powerful tools for any occasion, but for the holidays, there really isn’t a more perfect letter than the “Gratitude Letter.” The gratitude letter overflows with love and positivity, and most importantly, the letter is ALL about your loved one.

So put your pen to the paper and let your heart and mind open up to the loving vision you have for this person. What kind of impact has this person made in your life? What do you admire about him? How has he grown and what are you most proud of him for? Be specific. Talk about some of the times and situations when he truly helped you and made a lasting positive difference in your life. You often hear people say, “All I want is love for Christmas.” Rest assured, this is love on a page.

The power of this letter will absolutely amaze you. Your loved one’s life will be transformed as he reads everything you didn’t know how to say, or just forgot to say. The process of taking the time to think about your thoughts of love for that person, and having the time to write them exactly as they should be said, holds a special loving energy that nothing can match. In addition, those thoughts can be read over and over again whenever your loved one needs to be picked up emotionally or needs to feel loved. Now THAT is a gift that endures.

And finally, you’ll find that this letter will have a transformative healing power on YOU, the writer. One of my clients took the time to write a letter to everyone in her family. After this long labor of love, her therapist had told her, “These letters have done for you in one month what three years of our meetings together couldn’t even come close to!”

So give that gift of love this holiday season. It will change your life and the life of the person you give it to. Who knows? You may even receive a letter of appreciation back from him letting you know how much you have made a difference in his life as well! Now that would be truly awesome!

Angel blessings to you!

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