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Using a Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams in 2012

New Year’s Eve is usually a time of partying, reminiscing, and making resolutions for the coming year. Because I was watching my daughter’s puppy on New Year’s Eve, I stayed at home and did something that would really benefit me in 2012. – I made a Vision Board for everything that I wanted to manifest this year. After typing out all my dreams and wishes on the computer in bold letters, I printed it all out. Then I added “happy” pictures of myself, and pasted them up on poster paper. Next, I made sure I put it in a prominent place in my house so that I would see it every day. (Whenever I glance at it now, I make sure to “feel how I would feel” when all those wishes come true!)

I know from experience that Vision Boards truly do help us to focus and achieve everything that we want, so I wanted to start the New Year off right. So why don’t you create one too? All you need to do is take the time to really think about everything you wish would occur in your life this year. Be as specific or even as general as if you wish, but make sure it feels good to you.

You can talk about your perfect job, abundance, perfect health, perfect relationships, perfect weight, etc. Then display these words in a creative way on your vision board. Make sure to include pictures of yourself in it, preferably ones in which you are smiling and look your best. Don’t forget – you will be glancing at this board for all of 2012, so you want it to be visually appealing. Also, make sure all your statements are in the present tense, such as, “I have the perfect relationship,” “I am the perfect weight,” etc., as if everything has already occurred. Your subconscious reacts to the words you write, so if you write something like, “I want the perfect relationship,” etc. – you will always want it and never attain it.

Finally, have fun doing it! If you want, you can even go and find some travel magazines and home magazines. Type some awesome quotes and print them out. You’ll find through this process that your mood will change and you’ll begin to see this beautiful life that surrounds you, waiting for you to let it in. Then as many times of the day as you’d like, stop in front of that vision board, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. Absorb quietly the life you have in front of you and be excited…. because it’s manifesting itself RIGHT NOW for you. And how wonderful is that?

Many blessings to you!

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