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Forgiveness Frees Us

“It’s not the snakebite that kills us; it’s the venom that’s left behind.” This old saying is so true. Our holding on to resentment and hate hurts US so much more than it does the other person. The key to true peace in our lives is to try to experience love in every situation. It’s not always easy, I know! However, it is the only way to finally free us from past negativity and hurt.

Remember though, forgiveness is much more than simply letting an offense “slide.” Forgiveness, just like love, is more action than just thoughts or words. Forgiveness empowers us to not only free ourselves from the anger and resentment that binds us; it allows us to free others from the same prison.

If you truly forgive another, a sense of relief will take over you. As you let go of judgment, you will begin to see more clearly the other person’s point of view. As a result, when you emit more energy of positivity and understanding, the storm will begin to subside, and the other person will begin to feel that peace as well. When the chains of anger have finally been broken, true healing can finally begin.

When I think about our universe, I can’t help but smile at how perfectly it was created. Even in the hardest and most hurtful situations, the universe will bring us back to the same solution…LOVE. Love is the only answer to hurt. Love is the only force that dissipates negativity and allows goodness to flow into our lives.

It is important to truly understand that love is not only about liking people who are likable. Love is about loving everyone, despite the hurt or the offense. It’s trying to see “through their eyes” to comprehend WHY they did what they did.

Revenge and anger will always have a counter attack. Yet nothing can stand against love. There is no comeback, no retaliation. Love will envelop others, and they will have to look inside themselves to figure out what to do with this new positive energy directed towards them. Although they may fight it at first, they eventually may be able to accept it. At some point, they may even be able to give it back to you! And how great would that be?

As Martin Luther King had said so perfectly, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Forgive those in your lives who have wronged you. Do it for YOU, and be free again!

Peace be with you! xoxo

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