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Two Wolves

One evening, a grandfather sits to talk with his grandson about a tragedy that occurred in their village. He says, “My son, there is a battle of two wolves that happens inside every human heart. One wolf is fearful, angry, and vengeful. The other wolf is a loving and compassionate one.” The grandson then asks, “Grandfather, which wolf wins the fight?” The grandfather places his hand on his grandson’s heart and replies, “The one you feed.” Native American folklore has a beautiful way of putting our lives into simple perspective.

Our world often seems to us like a complicated maze of circumstances where we have very little control. This is simply not the truth. Although the outside world may seem unpredictable, the grandson in this story learned one of the most important lessons in life; control comes from within. What an amazing gift that is! Just simply knowing that how we manifest our energy from the inside affects everything around us on the outside is a realization that can change our entire life in an instant. With that gift not only comes great power, but also great responsibility. Every conversation, relationship, or situation in our life has the potential to be the best thing that happened to us, and to those around us. It all depends on what “wolf” we decide to feed. Once we realize that our world can be changed by feeding a loving and compassionate consciousness, then it is up to us to continue feeding that “wolf”.

Often when we continue to reach undesired outcomes, it isn’t because we are consciously choosing to feed the wrong “wolf”. It is more that we are unconscious to the fact another “wolf” exists. However we do have a choice! Fear, anger, and vengefulness tell us lies about how satisfied and happy we will be if we just keep feeding them. Yet, even when we continue to feed them, they never seem to deliver what they promise. They take more than they give.

Love and compassion, however, seem to sit quietly in a peaceful corner of our hearts with arms open – waiting for our embrace. They never push us, and every time we choose to feed them, we always seem to get back more than what we put in. If we learn to feed this “wolf,” we’ll never be empty, rather we’ll always have more than enough to give abundantly. If we feed that “wolf,” one day we’ll realize,…that “wolf” is feeding us!

Many blessings to you!

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