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You’ve Been Here Before

Just the other day in a restaurant I overheard a conversation between two mothers. One of the mothers commented on the other’s son, saying how he seemed so focused and sensible at such a young age. She called him “an old soul.” To this, the young boy’s mother nodded and said, “Yeah, he’s definitely been here before.” It made me smile.

Of course he really has been here before, We’ve all been here before. Our souls are eternal, and after our bodies pass, we don’t just disappear. Life continues, and we may even choose to come back because we have some unfinished business to do here on earth. In some cases, we may choose to come back because there are some very important lessons we need to learn or issues we need to revisit in order to have peace. (This is why it is so important to lead a peaceful and loving life and resolve our conflicts while we’re here in our physical bodies. Furthermore, we need to be more alert to the lessons life has to teach us each and every day.)

Getting in touch with our past lives can elevate our life experiences in so many ways. Think about a certain talent you have naturally. Where did it come from? It may have come from a past life that you had. The important thing to know is that it’s there for a reason! Cherish the talents and abilities you have and nurture them. If you have something in your life you are naturally drawn to, follow it!

Have you ever run into someone who seemed so familiar to you? It could be totally possible that this person WAS actually a family member or a friend in a past life. Family and friends often decide to come back at the same time so they can be together. They may also come back because they have unresolved issues that need to be resolved.

Remember though, that the past is simply a guiding light. What we truly need to concentrate on is the NOW. The present is the most important thing we have because this moment in time is where life happens. We shouldn’t waste a second of it. We should chase our dreams, follow our hearts, and spread love to all we encounter. If we do, we won’t have to make amends in another life, and we’ll be creating peace in our world right here and now. And isn’t that what we are all striving for anyway?

Have a peaceful day! Angel blessings to you!

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