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Keep Pouring

There are those who see the glass half full, and those who see the glass half empty. For example, suppose a twenty year marriage ends abruptly. One spouse might say, “Well, at least I have two beautiful children, and you know what, we had a lot of good years together.” We may say, “Now there’s a glass half full kind of person.” The other spouse might have the completely opposite view. When the marriage ends, he or she feels all is lost; his or her life has been wasted. We may notice, “Now there’s a glass half empty kind of person.” What if we’re wrong though? What if our view of the glass – our view of optimism and pessimism are based on a false premise? That false premise is that there exists an empty space in the glass! Let’s look at it in a different way. –We’re not looking at an empty glass – we’re looking at a glass that can be full and overflowing. It’s just that we simply forgot to KEEP POURING.

Think about it. There are just some people who, no matter what bright side you try to paint, will not convert to a positive outlook. They’ve chosen the negative side. That’s because if they are looking at a glass that is half full, they can never overlook the fact that there is an empty space. It’s not really empty though. We live in a world of abundance. We live a life where blessings pour in continuously. Not by the year, not by the month, but by the second. It is like a glass that is being continuously poured into. It is only our choice to pour half of the goodness out to leave room for the negativity. We may feel that there needs to be room for the pain. We may feel that we must leave enough room to talk about our problems and deny the blessings in our life. Then, sure enough, before we know it, we’ve poured the entire glass out. And then it’s just empty space.

If you turn that glass right side up, right now, and connect to the truth, everything will change for you. The truth is that the intent of the universe is to prosper you. The intent of the universe is to prosper those around you. The intent of the universe is to fill your life with peace and joy to the point that it overflows…to the point you want to share it with others. That’s the truth. When we’re connected to that truth, there are no wins and losses. There are simply short term wins and long term wins. Short term wins are great and provide immediate gratification. More often, however, what we have are long term wins. These require us to stumble, to learn, to stumble again, and finally to reach the enlightenment we require to achieve the long term blessing. We’re human and we make mistakes. However, the biggest mistake is judging everything as a positive or negative, a win or a loss.

Connect to the truth of the universe and realize that everything is a process that leads to a blessing. Better yet – the process IS the blessing. Without the process, we simply wouldn’t get better. Focus on that blessing, and focus on the multitude of short term wins every single day from everyone and everything around you.

Spend your energy on the solution to your so called “problems” so that the process can lead you to the bigger blessing. Try to be a glass FULL kind of person. Keep your glass right side up…and always, always keep pouring.

Angel blessings to you! xoxo

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