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Achieve Inner Peace: It’s Not The Circumstances Around You—It’s How You Perceive Them

Many people don’t have to look very far to identify a difficult circumstance in their lives. For some, it may be financial hardship. They may be unemployed—or stuck in a job they don’t like. Others may have a hard time managing relationships with friends and family. Still others may be battling a tough living situation or some other type of chaos. And because of those reasons, most people believe it is impossible for them to achieve inner peace.

But here is the truth: inner peace does not result from your circumstances; it will come from your perceptions of them. Your circumstances don’t have to be perfect in order for you to feel happy and peaceful inside.

In other words, inner peace isn’t about money. It’s not about owning a great home or car. It’s not about your job. It’s not about having the latest clothing. It’s not even about friends and family. These things are all wonderful, but plenty of people have all of them—and still remain unhappy.

Some people have a strong desire to “keep up with the Jones’.” They constantly tell themselves that they’ll be happy… as soon as they get that promotion, or that new house, or a spouse, or better friends, or something else.

But it’s never enough.

So here is my best advice. Don’t compare your circumstances to those around you. Instead, consider everything that you do have, including “simple” things like the ability to draw a breath or read this blog entry, to be a blessing. We are all so fortunate to be here, experiencing this very moment. Learn to savor the blessings that life sends your way, no matter what they may be. Don’t obsess over changing your circumstances. Instead, learn to appreciate them. If you follow this advise, I know your life will change so much for the better. Try it – you will see what I mean.

Many blessings to you!

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