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What the World Needs Now is Peace, Sweet Peace

2012 is drawing to a close, and while it has been a beautiful year in many respects, it has been marred by too many tragedies and acts of violence.

The most obvious happened just recently in Connecticut, when a town and many innocent families had their lives turned upside down in a horrible tragedy.

The act sparked an instant reaction in the media, amongst friends and family, and even on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sadly, the tragic nature of the event sparked many conversations focused on violence and hatred.

Let’s resolve for today and for the New Year to try to focus on peace, instead of the violence that is happening in the world. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. Even when you may be experiencing sorrow and anger, try to make a conscious effort to focus on peace and love, not negative emotions.

What does the world need now? The answer is very simple: peace, sweet peace.

Let’s spread peace and talk about it a lot! Let’s post stories of love on our Facebook pages and focus all our energy on what we want, instead of what we don’t want. That’s what we can do when tragedy strikes. We can try to shift the energy, and make the world a better place. Remember, when we turn on the light, the darkness goes away.

It won’t always be easy. When bad things happen around us, many of us find that it is hard to think about anything else. And in today’s media environment, where tragedies make the headlines, it can be nearly impossible to focus on anything else.

The next time a tragedy strikes, whether it is something personal in your own life, or whether it is a national story like the events in Connecticut, do your best to block out the negativity. Turn off the TV and log out of Facebook if you must. Take some time to rest and reflect on everything that you love about the world. Find the beauty that resonates in your soul. Dwell on the peace that you experience in your calmest moments. And visualize the beauty that would unfold in the world if peace and love replaced violence and hatred.

Once you have a strong picture in your mind and strong feelings of peace flowing through you, spread that feeling to others. Encourage your friends and family. Talk to them about the beauty in the world, not the tragedy. Visit Facebook and encourage your friends there to dwell on the positive, not the negative… even in the midst of tragedy.

What the world needs now is peace. And by dwelling on peace instead of violence and hatred, we can each do our part to usher peace into this world.

Have a wonderful peaceful New Year! xoxo

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