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Angels Like to Play – Pay Attention

We all have the ability to connect with angels and loved ones who have passed, and they are out there just waiting for us to acknowledge them. Angels give us signs all the time letting us know that they’re around us, but we have to be alert and pay attention to recognize them. One of the funniest ways they choose to get our attention is by playing with electricity.

Hey, who turned off the lights? Or turned them on…

Last week, I met with a woman named Dorothy to connect with her husband who had passed. In the reading, her husband said he had been the one opening and closing her garage door. Dorothy could hardly believe it, “At 2 a.m. sometimes, my garage door opens – that’s him?” It sure was! And he wasn’t finished. Over the weekend, I had my boyfriend over at my house, and I heard my own garage door open by itself. I didn’t know how that happened. Then Dorothy’s husband came to me when I was meditating a few days later and told me he was the one who had done that as well. I called Dorothy to tell her about my unexpected visit from him, and she was amazed!

I really don’t know how angels manipulate electricity, but they do. They switch lights and televisions off and on, and make light bulbs flicker. Have you ever turned on the radio to the exact song you needed to hear? Those are angels – or your deceased loved ones – reaching out to you to say “hello,” “I’m here,” “I’m well.” If they’re not getting your attention, they’ll try any means to let you know they’re around you!

Maybe it’s because angels and loved ones are energy themselves. We are energy, and the energy of who we are continues after we die. That energy doesn’t begin or end – it just changes form. And, energy attracts and affects other energy – whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or PG&E.

So the next time your kitchen light flickers, it might be time to change the bulb, or it might be time to say hello to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Many blessings to you!

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