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Special Words From Your Deceased Loved Ones

You don’t need to be a medium to connect meaningfully with your deceased loved ones and angels; they’re trying to communicate with you all the time! And, they try in many different ways, but very often through signs. This month, keep an eye out for words that appear to you. Whether they are on billboards you notice, bumper stickers on cars that cut you off, a book that flips open to a certain page, or even a song that comes on just when you turn on the radio, the other side puts these words in front of you for a reason.

One of my clients, now passed, is an expert at sending these types of messages. If you’ve read my first book The Rainbow Follows the Storm, you already know about Stormy; but for those of you who haven’t, here’s her story. I met Stormy near the end of her life, and even though she had been ill with diabetes for a long time, she was one of those rare people with incredible personal energy and strength of spirit. Before her passing, she promised me that she would contact me to let me know she was okay – and she has been, to this day. Stormy turns stereos on and even broadcasts certain songs, like “the blind can see” (her eyesight had been very bad near the end, and she wanted to tell me she could see again). At the very end of her life, Stormy decided she wanted to rename herself “Rainbow,” and on the anniversary of her death, I found a gift from another client in my mailbox. The gift was a basket of angel cards with beautiful sayings on them, and as I opened the plastic wrap, one card fell out of my hand and drifted to the floor. It said “Guardian angel, help me remember: The rainbow follows the storm.”

Signs from your loved ones come in many forms, and the more you learn to recognize them, the more you and your passed loved ones will find the peace that comes with knowing that love lives on.

Many Blessings to you!

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