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Ask Your Deceased Loved Ones to Give You “Without a Doubt” Signs

Ask your deceased loved ones to give you “without a doubt” signs to let you know they are with you. Then all you need to do is to be open to receiving these signs and recognize them when they appear.

Signs can come in so many different ways, not just in apparitions or audible voices. (Those are actually more difficult for your loved ones to manifest).

First of all, your deceased loved ones may be communicating with you telepathically, that is, as thoughts. However, these thoughts may often be mistaken as your own thoughts, since you are thinking of your loved ones anyway. Here’s how you can tell the difference between your thoughts and theirs:

The next time your loved one pops into your mind, backtrack your thoughts. Ask yourself if there was a thought – that triggered another thought – that made you think about your loved one. If so – that’s you. But when a thought about your loved ones just “pops” into your head for no apparent reason, chances are that it is coming from them.

Another way your loved ones may come to you is in your dreams, but you would need to wake up after the dreams in order to remember them. Therefore, make sure to ask your loved ones to come to you in a dream and then to wake you up as soon as the dream is over.

You’ll know it was your loved ones – and not your subconscious – if the dream feels good! Your loved ones often come as the age they loved best, and they will look healthy and happy.

A dream of how they died, regrets you had with them, or any other negative circumstance, on the other hand, would feel badly. This type of dream is not from them; instead, it is coming from your own subconscious.

Your deceased loved ones may also be coming to you in many other ways. They may appear as a bird, a butterfly, a ladybug, or any other animal that really stands out to you. Or, they may place objects in your path, such as coins, feathers, or rocks. They may play with electricity or make the perfect song come on at the right time. A car may cut you off, and the license plate may display your loved one’s birthday or something else that was significant to them. You may also smell certain scents around you, such as your loved one’s perfume, cigarette smoke, etc. The list can go on and on.

So – make sure to ask for “without a doubt” signs from your deceased loved ones. Then be on the lookout – because they will give you the signs that you have requested. Remember, they want you to know they are around you and are okay! They just want you to be okay too!

Many blessings to you!

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