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A Guided Meditation for Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

Meditation is a wonderful way to tap into your own potential to communicate with your deceased loved ones and angels. However, many of my clients are not able to quiet their minds. I often tell them to begin by doing a guided meditation for a few months. This would enable them to focus and set the intention each day to connect with the celestial realm.

Here is a guided meditation that Edgar Cayce, America’s “sleeping prophet” recommended. For maximum effectiveness, you may wish to record it using your own voice.

Close your eyes and get into a comfortable position – either lying down or sitting up straight. Take a nice, long, deep breath. Hold it. Then let it go like a sigh of relief. Good. Now repeat this one more time. Take a nice deep breath, hold it, and release.

(Edgar Cayce recommends a head and neck exercise to help you to relax further.)

First, drop your chin slowly to your chest; then raise it up to its normal position. Do this three times.

Now, unless you have neck pain issues, slowly drop your head back as far as it will go, and return it to its normal position. Do this three times.

Now drop your head slowly to your right shoulder three times.

Then drop your head to your left shoulder three times.

Finally, drop your head to your chest again and slowly circle it all the way around clockwise three times.

Now circle your head counterclockwise three times. Very good!

(Next, we’ll do Edgar Cayce’s breathing exercises.)

Start by holding your left nostril closed with your left index finger and breathing deeply through your right nostril. Hold your breath for three seconds; then exhale through your mouth. Repeat three times.

Now, hold your right nostril closed with your right index finger. Inhale through your left nostril, and then quickly use your left index finger to close your left nostril, and exhale through your right nostril. Do this three times.

Next, feel yourself drifting, floating, relaxing more and more as your awareness flows into your ruby red root chakra at the base of your spine. Focus on the rich red color and then picture it surrounded with white light. Keep your attention on this chakra for a few minutes.

Then move up to the brilliant orange sacral chakra below your belly button and again see it enveloped in bright white light. Take a few minutes focusing your energy on this chakra.

Now move your awareness up through your sunshine yellow solar plexus, which is located a few inches above your belly button, and surround it with white light. Hold your focus there a few moments.

At this point, feel your awareness rise to your heart chakra, which is a beautiful emerald green color, and surround it with white light. Remain there for a few minutes.

Now move on to your thymus chakra, a vibrant pink color that is located between your heart and throat area. Then surround it with a white sphere of light. Remain focused on this area for a few minutes.

Continue up to your throat chakra, which is a pure sky blue color, and surround it with beautiful white light. Remain there for a while.

Next, focus on your third eye chakra, which is located between your eyes, and see it as a rich indigo colored light, surrounded with a beautiful white light. Focus on the indigo color for a few moments.

Finally, concentrate on your crown chakra at the very top of your head. Envision a beautiful violet colored sphere surrounded with the white light. Stay there for a few moments.

Now you are ready to call on the Archangels one by one to help protect and guide you.

Feel and experience each one as they enter the room.

Say, “Archangel Michael, please be with me now.” (Wait a few moments to feel his presence.)

Now say, “Archangel Raphael, please come join me in my meditation now.”(Wait for a few moments to feel his presence.)

Say, “Archangel Uriel, please come by me now. I am honored by your presence.” (Wait a few moments to feel his presence.)

Now say, “Archangel Gabriel, please enter into the room now and help me to feel your presence.” (Wait a few minutes to feel his light.)

Now you may call on ascended masters, saints, or other angels and feel them enter the room one by one. (Wait for a few minutes for each one.)

You are now ready to connect with your deceased loved ones. Say their name, and tell them to come into the room. Please be patient and wait for them to come.

Now talk to your loved one and say anything you wish to say to them. Make yourself aware of any impressions, thoughts, mental images, smells, colors or feelings you are experiencing now, or later in the day. (Wait a few moments for a response from them.)

Ask your loved one to come to you in your dreams and to wake you up afterwards so that you will remember them.

Thank your loved one for coming today and know that he or she will always be there for you.

Tell your loved one whatever else you want to say at this time. (Pause.)

At this point, you may say good-bye, knowing you will be able to connect with him or her whenever you want to from now on. (Pause).

And when you are ready, take one more nice deep breath, hold it, and then let it out like a sigh of relief. Bring your awareness back to your body and the room you’re in, feeling peaceful and refreshed, remembering everything you have just experienced.

Many blessings to you!

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