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License Plates as Signs from the Celestial Realm

Did you ever drive down the road and see a license plate number that was the birth date of someone you knew? Or, did a car ever cut you off, and when you read the license plate of that car, it was the name of your deceased loved one? If anything like this has happened to you, it may be your angels or deceased loved one saying hello!

Those in the celestial realm love to give us signs to let us know they are there, and one of the ways they do this is by showing us meaningful digits on license plates! The digits on the plates may refer to birth dates, addresses, lucky numbers, or any other pertinent aspects of our lives.

When I had a health scare a number of years ago and needed surgery, I asked the four archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel, to give me a sign to let me know everything would be all right. Just as soon as I finished this silent prayer, I was thrilled to see the license plate in front of me that read “4 Angels.” I knew that my “four buddies” had heard my request, and boy, was I relieved!

As the surgery date grew nearer, I needed further reassurance and asked the angels for another sign. The panic had set in again (I should have just listened to the angels the first time!). It was snowing hard as I waited at the service station to get gas, and out of nowhere, a car cut me off in the gas line! Instead of being upset with the driver, I instinctively knew I should glance at the license plate. The license plate said NOE44U! I realized what the four archangels were saying to me, –“Noe (my last name!), four angels are here for you. How wonderful it was to know they really were around me, letting me know I’d be okay. (And they were right – I was just fine!)

So, if you feel guided, ask the angels and your deceased loved ones to give you this type of sign to let you know they are around you. After your request, don’t worry; you won’t have to look at every single license plate on the road or in the parking lot. You will instinctively know when to look, or a car will even cut you off. And when this happens, just know that those in the celestial realm are saying to you, “Pay attention. We really are here, and yes, everything will be just fine!”

Angel blessings to you, now and always!

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