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Frankincense and Myrrh (Gifts of Wise Men) and Other Essential Oils

Why did the wise men give baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh? Biblical scholars and theologians have a few theories – one of which is that these were the standard gifts of the day for kings and deities. Ancient inscriptions say that one Hellenistic king offered the same gift-set to Apollo in 243 B.C. – which means this combination has a long association with the spiritual realms. So what is it about frankincense and myrrh that make them ideal gifts for kings and deities?

Both frankincense and myrrh have been used since civilization began. In fact, the earliest recorded use of these spicy aromas was found on the tomb of Queen Hathsepsut, engraved 1500 years before the birth of Christ! Their uses then were the same as their uses now: purification, consecration, dispelling negative energies and invoking protection.

I burn frankincense and myrrh in my office every day. Not only do they make my office smell “heavenly,” but they also clear away all the negative energy, replacing it with more positive energy. And, they’re both meditation aids and help with emotional balance during times of stress and anxiety. AuraCacia’s description of their frankincense and myrrh essential oils really captures why I love them: “The deeply meditative aromas of frankincense and myrrh evoke ancient tombs and temples. Their fragrances, like the breath of a prayer, create an olfactory link to the dawning of civilized human society.”

Part of what I do each day is to set up my sacred space – and you don’t need to speak to spirits professionally to do this; you can do the same in your home or office. Sacred space helps you focus your energy, get in touch with your higher self, and de-stress from everyday pressures. A big part of creating my sacred space is to set the intention with essential oils. Frankincense and myrrh are the scents that speak to me, but you might find you prefer other scents. Use what speaks to you, though, because your intuition is always right.

Here are a few other essential oils to help you create your sacred space.

  • Star Anise – Ideal for licorice lovers, this oil promotes inner peace and helps with centering yourself and meditation.

  • Bergamot – Often paired with citrus, Bergamot elevates the spirit, energizes and clarifies the mind, and helps you feel empowered.

  • Cardamom – This delicious smelling spice is used in many Indian and Scandinavian desserts and is what I’d call a comfort scent. Spiritually, it’s associated with love, clarity and selflessness.

  • Cinnamon – Not just for the holidays! Cinnamon is the perfect scent for your office since it stimulates the mind and opens channels of communication (on spiritual and physical planes). It also helps clear energy blockages and might even stimulate money flow!

  • Clary Sage – When you need to purify your space, release tension, and balance your energy while connecting with your higher self, Clary Sage is the oil you need.

  • Eucalyptus – This warm, fresh scent helps purify, heal, and banish negative energy.

  • Ginger – When you want to stimulate energy or need an extra boost of focus, ginger is a lovely scent to help you achieve those goals.

  • Lavender – The most-used essential oil, lavender is incredibly calming. Many use a lavender sachet under their pillows for peaceful dreams, but it’s also used to help with inner peace, purification, and meditation.

So, set up your sacred space by burning essential oils, not only during this holiday season, but also throughout the New Year as well. Just make sure to try frankincense and myrrh first, and you will see just how “heavenly” these scents really are!

Peace and love be with you now, and always!

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