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How Creating a Vision Board Can Help You Move Forward After the Death of a Loved One

Whether you want to set a goal, or just believe that what you envision will manifest itself in your life, vision boards are a wonderful way to stay on target, aligning your conscious with your subconscious and universal energy for real-world results.

A vision board is a board on which you can paste images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. You can use pictures from magazines, old photos of yourself that represent what you want, or download illustrations from the Internet. While you could use an online program like Pinterest, I don’t recommend it because you want to be able to see your vision board multiple times a day.

After you’ve constructed your board, place it where you will see it frequently. And, as you look, try to “feel” how good it would feel if you already had whatever you placed on your vision board. Make sure the images you’ve chosen perfectly represent what you want, without leaving anything out (it’s a cosmic case of “be careful what you wish for” – so be specific!).

While you can use a vision board to achieve any goal in your life, from losing weight and getting in shape, to saving money for a kitchen remodel, I’ve found that it’s a very useful tool for moving on in your life after the death of a loved one.

A few years ago, I had a client who needed to sell her mother’s house, so I told her to do a vision board of her mother’s house with a SOLD sign in front it. Another client’s siblings were not getting along after their father died, so I told her to do a board with pictures of them all together having a good time. Another wanted to create a charity for her loved one, so I told her to do a board that depicted everything that she wished the charity would accomplish. Yet another client just wanted to be happy again. I told him to do a board with pictures of everything that made him feel good, including his family and friends, his pets, places he wanted to visit, and his favorite hobbies. Place anything on your vision board that will make you feel good and enable you to move on in your life.

In any board you do, you may also wish to include pictures of your deceased loved ones as a wonderful reminder that they really are still around, watching over you, helping you to achieve your desired goals.

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