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Proof About the Afterlife: From Messages They Give

As a medium who receives messages from deceased loved ones all the time, I know without a doubt that there is an afterlife. You may ask me how I know for sure. Well, first of all, deceased loved ones give “without a doubt” proof by the messages they relay. They also love to give us incredible signs to let us know they are around us. One of the most incredible messages I’ve received was from a deceased grandmother to her granddaughter, Kristy.

The first time Kristy and her husband Jon came to see me, I didn’t immediately understand what I was feeling. I felt little energies and interpreted them to be babies who were on the other side. I saw the number four, but I didn’t understand what it meant. When I told them what I was feeling, they said they had lost quadruplets a few months earlier. As I was consoling them, telling them the babies were okay, two more loved ones came through holding the babies; they gave me their names—Tom and Theresa. A smile came over Kristy’s face when she confirmed that Tom and Theresa were her grandparents who had died. Her grandparents had come to make sure Kristy and Jon knew they were with the babies on the other side. After they left, I immediately knew I would be in contact with them again; and we did see each other a few times after that.

About a year later, Kristy had been trying to conceive once more but to no avail, and had been disappointed each month when it didn’t happen. One day, as I was meditating, Kristy’s deceased grandmother came to give me the message that Kristy was pregnant. I immediately called Kristy and asked her if she was expecting a baby. She said she didn’t know and was going to take a pregnancy test to find out.

As I was driving to get lunch that day, a car cut me off. When I glanced at the license plate, it said “2 QUADS.” As always, I don’t believe in coincidences, and I knew this was a sign that two of Kristy’s quadruplets were going to come back to her at this time.

Kristy called me back a few days later and confirmed what I already knew. She was ecstatic and was indeed “in the family way!” She has since given birth to adorable healthy twins, Ryan and Casey. Both parents and babies are doing wonderfully, and I am so thrilled that Kristy and Jon now have the family they’ve always wanted. They are all truly blessed!

When your loved ones pass on, they are still around you, helping and guiding you, aware of events you don’t even know about yet. You just have to be open to receiving the messages in the many ways they send them!

Many blessings to you!

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