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5 Ways to Heal Your Body by Changing Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are very powerful. Have you ever found that when you’re already feeling badly, everything around you doesn’t seem to go your way as well? Or when you’re feeling great, the whole world opens up to you? This is because your feelings are responsible for your reality. And what’s responsible for your feelings? Your thoughts!

So when you change your thoughts, your reality will shift — for better or worse. Can you use this knowledge to make a better reality for yourself, and even heal your body from physical ailments? Absolutely!

Start by checking in with yourself.

Listen closely to the thoughts that are going through your mind. Are there any familiar ones you’ve been thinking for a long time? (“My back hurts,” “I’m still angry at my boss,” or “I’ll never be rich,” for example.) Quiet your thoughts and take stock of your internal dialogue. Ask yourself what thoughts are responsible for your strong emotions.

Remind yourself that you’re so much more than just a physical being.

So many of us get caught up in our physical realities that we forget our minds and our spirits. God is within you, and the essence of your spirit is who you truly are. Begin to see the connection between mind, body, and spirit so you can start to understand how each affects the other.

Reprogram your thoughts.

If you’ve taken stock of your thoughts and they aren’t 100% life affirming and positive, replace the old thoughts with wonderful new ones! We learn many thoughts from family, friends, and the world that don’t truly belong to us. Create hopeful, healing new thoughts and come back to them as often as necessary until they become second nature.

Prepare for healing.

Once you start using wonderful, loving thoughts, you’ll begin to see big changes in how you feel, emotionally and physically. But changes, even when they are good, can be scary if they come as a surprise. So be prepared to receive love, generosity, and healing, and you will receive them!

Thank God even before the healing occurs.

To heal your body by changing your thoughts, you have to know for certain that God is listening to you and making you well right now. Don’t doubt the power of God by begging or pleading for wellness; have faith that it will come at the perfect time. Thank God before the healing takes place. Tune into yourself and listen for messages from God and the angels — and remember that you’re never alone on your healing journey.

Changing your thoughts takes time; so don’t give up hope if old thought patterns return temporarily. I highly recommend reading Louise Hay’s classic book, You Can Heal Your Life, which describes the mental causes for physical illnesses and the various ways to overcome them. Know deep down that miracles happen every day, and you can experience your own miracle, too. Have deep faith and believe that it will happen, and it will!

Angel blessings to you!

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