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7 Ways to Quiet Your Mind to Connect With Angels & Deceased Loved Ones

Whether it’s communicating with a loved one who has passed on or beginning a wonderful relationship with your guardian angel, meditation techniques can help enrich your spiritual life. Think of it like filling up the tank of gas for your car. Do it regularly, and you’ll have the power to go anywhere you want!

Developing a regular meditation practice is the best way you can prime yourself for meaningful encounters with the spiritual realm. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away. Just try one or more of these techniques and have faith. Soon enough, you’ll be clear and ready for communication with the spirit world.

1. Count Your Exhales

It’s as simple as one, two, three! Just count your breaths to ten, then repeat until you feel relaxed and at peace.

2. Relax Your Gaze

Stare at a candle, crystals, or even a pretty view until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. “See” the imprint of the image on your closed eyelids until it fades, and then repeat.

3. Listen to a Guided Meditation

Beginners and experts of meditation alike can benefit from listening to an audio guide on a CD or even online.

4. Repeat a Mantra

Pick a meaningful phrase and focus on repeating it softly and peacefully. One I like is “Grant me a pure heart, oh God”—a favorite from the well-respected mystic Edgar Cayce.

5. Use Meditation Beads

Physical objects like rosaries or mala beads can help turn your focus inward as you repeat a prayer or mantra for each bead.

6. Sense Your Inner Energy

Sometimes all it takes is focusing on your own energy and the energy of the world around you. Be still and shift your awareness to what is inside and outside of yourself.

7. Listen With Your Outer—and Inner—Ears

Find a quiet space and listen for soft sounds, like the breeze, birds chirping, the air conditioning, or anything else. Soon enough, your awareness will expand so that you can listen within as well as outside of yourself.

So --- make sure to hear to the wisdom from the celestial realm, and meditate daily.

Not only will you experience a wonderful sense of peace, but you will also be opening yourself up to its life-changing possibilities!

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