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Be the Change You Wish to See in the World: 7 Steps to Creating Peace on Earth

Can one person create a more peaceful world? How many people in history can you think of who stood for world peace and made a huge impact on this planet? A few examples of such peacemakers are Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela.

But what about you? Did you ever consider the possibility that you can be the one to create peace on earth and change the world? Yes, you! You first have to reclaim your power and remember who you are. Then take the time to focus on the love and peace in the world instead of the violence and what is wrong.

You are one with everyone and everything. You are not separate from God or from others, and even though you may be only one person, your thought forms actually do affect others in a big way! If you have negative thoughts, those around you who have similar or lower vibrations are constantly being reinforced by these thoughts. On the other hand, when you have positive thoughts, you influence everyone around you in a positive way. In other words, negative energy cannot penetrate into the higher levels of energy, but the higher levels of energy can penetrate into the lower levels. This is because positive energy has a higher and stronger vibration than negative energy, which has a slower and weaker vibration.

Even though you appear to be separate from everyone else, you are really linked together to other thought forms at all times. Your thoughts are energy, and energy is real. If your thought forms are loving ones, you can actually achieve peace, not only for yourself, but also for the entire world. It makes sense then, to say that if you want peace on earth, you must first remember to keep your own thoughts on peace and harmony.

And here’s the clincher – because positive thought forms have a stronger and higher vibration than negative ones, if you begin to change your own negative thoughts into positive ones, this will in turn raise the vibration of the entire world!

But where can you begin? Here are 7 simple steps you can take to create peace in your life and in the world as well:

  1. Experiment for a few hours each day by not allowing anyone to disrupt the peace within yourself. When you have mastered this for a few hours, you can try it for a full day, and then another. By refusing to allow anyone to disrupt your peace, you will finally understand that you have total control over the tranquility within yourself. You will understand that it does not matter what happens on the outside that creates peace in your life, but rather, it’s how you react to what goes on around you. If you find it difficult to maintain this peace, say a little prayer asking God and the angels to help you. That will absolutely help!

  2. Take 3 one-minute breaks every day. In the morning before getting out of bed, spend a minute “feeling” peace on earth. Imagine that all world leaders are cooperating to ensure global peace and harmony. Repeat this same visualization at lunchtime, and then right before bedtime. The important thing is to feel the peace as if it’s happening right now. Visualize hundreds of thousands of angels protecting the whole word. See their light and love. Feel their protection. Know they are always there working with you to insure peace on earth.

  3. Practice peace by being peaceful. Do not fight against war or violence, but instead take a stand for peace. Fighting against anything or anyone is not peaceful at all. Remember that no problem is solved with the same type of energy that started it. Let us therefore extend only positive, peaceful energy out into this beautiful world.

  4. Avoid watching or reading negative news, including that which is posted on the internet. Focus on the peace you want, not on the negativity that you don’t want.

  5. Create only positive, loving posts on social media. Add to the light, not to the darkness. I cannot stress how important this one is!

  6. Pray and meditate regularly for peace on our planet. Remember, when you turn on the light, the darkness goes away.

  7. Take it a step further and create prayer and meditation groups for world peace. Many studies have proven that when a group of individuals are brought together to pray for peace, there is a significant decrease in the number of violent crimes afterwards.

Yes, you truly can make peace a reality in your lives and in the world as well. You can focus on love and see that it is more powerful and more reliable than any weapon ever made, or you can continue to believe in the biggest army and the most powerful bombs. The choice is yours! I don’t know about you, but I choose to focus on love and peace!

Peace is essential to the survival of the human race. May your fears be replaced with love, and your worries be transformed into peace from this day forward! And so it is!

Angel blessings to you.

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