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Listen To The Flowers

Spring is here! The air is crisp, the sun is shining, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. This is the time of year where the beauty hidden in the flowers shows itself to the world. Their true colors are out on display and life begins anew.

It’s only fitting that so many of life’s lessons are revealed to us in nature. When I look at nature, I see a canvas filled with color, creativity, and diversity. Everything in nature has its purpose. So it stands to reason that nature has a lot to teach us. The flowers blooming in spring are a perfect example of the universe saying, “Come outside and play, open up to the world, and bask in new beginnings.”

During this springtime, let’s listen to the flowers. Let’s take a look at our lives and do some spring-cleaning. We can throw out anything that is holding us back or isn’t filling us with positive energy. Let’s make an effort to build more positive relationships with those we’ve already encountered and build brand new relationships with wonderful people we don’t know yet. Let’s go to places we haven’t been to before with the goal of experiencing life to it’s fullest. Let’s do at least one thing we’ve always wanted to do, whether it is learning an instrument, taking dance classes, or learning how to meditate. I think you get the picture. — This spring, take a bold step towards new beginnings. Chase your dreams, open up to what the world has to offer, and find true color and creativity in your life!

Many blessings to you!

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