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What Happens After We Die

A very common question that my clients ask me is, “What happens to us after we die?” In response to that inquiry, I always reply that energy doesn’t begin or end! The energy of who we are continues after the body dies, with our personality remaining the same. So, for example, if your husband was loud in life, he’s still loud after he’s made his transition. If your friend was funny while she was alive, she’s still funny in the celestial plane.

I like to use the analogy of water to explain this concept further. If we put a bowl of water in the middle of the room, it will eventually evaporate. The water is no longer limited to the bowl and is now free to go wherever it wants. It’s the same with us! When we leave our physical body, the energy of who we are continues, but it is finally free of its vessel and is totally unconfined.

A message that I often receive from deceased loved ones is, “With a thought, I’m there.” In other words, wherever they wish to go, they can get there with a simple thought!

After leaving their physical bodies, the souls are able to finally feel their connection with God, everything, and everyone. Since they’re not limited to a physical body any longer, they truly are free- with no more pain or worries. They not only feel peace, they are peace and tranquility. They are limitless and finally able to fully experience their oneness with the Source of this infinite peace.

Seeing through God’s eyes, these spirits are able to see the bigger perspective of what they did or didn’t do on Earth and how they had affected all those individuals in their paths. They have the ability to see why they made certain decisions and are able to understand more fully what they could have done better.

Our deceased loved ones can also use their thoughts to gently guide and protect us, and are in a place where they’re actually able to help us more than they ever could before. They can help us achieve a goal, find lost items, experience peace, place the right people in our paths, and so much more.

Although most of us have faith and don’t need tangible proof of the continued existence of those we’ve lost after their physical death, we all appreciate the confirmation of this very fact by way of a reading, a sign, or from others who have come back from a near-death experience to talk about the other side. To say it in another way, all of these occurrences are wonderful validations for what we intuitively know – our deceased loved ones really are okay! They just want us to be, too! –

from Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss

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