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What Happens to Us When We Die?

If you put a bowl of water in the middle of the room and leave it there, it will eventually evaporate. That doesn’t mean the water has disappeared from the face of the planet – quite the opposite! That water is no longer contained by its bowl and is now free to expand.

When people ask me about what happens to us after the body dies, I give them the example of that bowl of water. Energy doesn’t begin, and it doesn’t end. The energy of who we are continues well after it leaves the body. Our personalities also continue on. Loud people are still loud. Funny people are still funny. Our energy still has desires, but after it leaves the body, our energy also gains a tremendous amount of perspective on life.

After leaving their physical bodies, our deceased loved ones are able to finally feel their connection with everything and everyone. Because they are not limited to their physical bodies anymore, they truly are free – with no pain and no more worries. They not only feel peace; they are peace and tranquility. They are limitless and are finally able to experience their oneness with the Source of this infinite peace.

Gaining Perspective

When the energies of our loved ones are released from their bodies, they are able to see “through God’s eyes.” They can now see the causes and effects of what they did or didn’t do on earth and how their choices and actions have affected all those in their paths. The physical body often makes it difficult for those of us on earth to have empathy for others and true understanding of ourselves; it’s like walking around with blinders on! But when we pass to the other side, we gain the ability to see why we did what we did, and are able to understand more fully what we could have done better.

Spirits are also in a much better position to help their living loved ones and can use their thoughts to gently guide and protect them. Remember, though, if you didn’t listen to your deceased loved ones when they were alive, you shouldn’t listen to them now. Even though they’ve gained perspective, they still have their own unique personalities and ideas of what they feel is important, and those ideas may not resonate with yours. You may want to call upon God and the angels in addition to, or instead of, asking your deceased loved ones for help with personal issues. -

from Your Life After Their Death: A Medium's Guide to Healing After a Loss

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