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Calling Upon and  Listening to Those in the Celestial Realm

Make sure to call upon those in the celestial realm to help guide and protect you. Remember, in reality they are all part of you anyway! Whether it is God, the angels, ascended masters, saints, enlightened beings from other areas in the universe, or deceased loved ones, it doesn’t matter! All you have to say is, “Thank you for allowing me to feel your presence now,” and then be patient and wait, and they will be there for you!

They will probably speak to you telepathically (in your thoughts). However, you’ll be able to differentiate your thoughts from theirs. Your own thoughts begin with an originating thought that will then trigger other thoughts about those in the spiritual realm. A message from a celestial being will just “pop” in your head for no apparent reason.

Make sure to take the time to quiet your thoughts through a practice such as meditation, so that you will be able to hear them. If your thoughts are going a mile a minute, they won’t be able to come through to you. One good practice to quiet your thoughts is to focus on your breath. You can do this by counting from one to four as you are inhaling. Then hold your breath for a count of four. As you exhale, count again from one to four. Then hold your breath for four more counts. Continue this whole process for about 10 minutes.

Don’t expect to receive messages as you are doing this exercise. You are quieting your thoughts so that you can receive messages from those in the celestial realm later in the day. It’s like putting gas in the car: you do this so that you’ll be able to drive later. When you quiet your thoughts regularly, you’ll be more attuned to the energy of those in the celestial realm and will be better able to feel them as they are trying to communicate with you.

Those in the spirit world have a higher vibration than those who are here in the physical plane. Therefore, in order to connect with them, it’s imperative that you raise your vibration so it is more on par with theirs.

Finally, make sure to ask those in the celestial realm to give you “without a doubt” signs to let you know they are with you. The signs may come in many different ways; the following are some of the most common.

• You may be sent a bird, ladybug, dragonfly, butterfly, or another animal to let you know they are near. The animal will do something it normally wouldn’t do, such as land on you or hover over you.

• A song with the words you need to hear may come on when you’re thinking of them.

• A car may cut you off, and you’ll notice that the license plate spells out a perfect message just for you.

• They may place feathers, coins, or other unusual objects in your path.

• You may see a rainbow in your darkest hour.

• You may smell flowers or perfume in the middle of nowhere.

• Lights may turn on and off when you are asking if they are with you.

• They may come to you in a dream to let you know they are there.

• You may keep seeing numbers that are significant to you or a set of repeating numbers, such as 1111, 2222, and so forth.

• You may feel so peaceful and loved when you least expect it.

The list can go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture! The key is to look for things that normally wouldn’t happen that show up for you at the perfect time. You will usually know that it is a special signal sent from them to you! When you receive a sign from those in the celestial realm, make sure to acknowledge it, and thank whoever sent it to you. The more you are aware and express your gratitude for this wonderful type of communication from them, the more they will continue to send you these amazing blessings from above! –

Excerpt from We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace,

Karen Noé

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