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You are not just a physical body; the essence of who you are lives inside of your physical body. Stated a different way, Concept 13 of the We Consciousness says: You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience on this planet. This is not something I simply believe; rather, this is something I know without a doubt. In all the years I’ve been connecting with angels, ascended masters, and deceased loved ones, I have absolute proof of this important concept. I’ve received messages from tens of thousands of deceased loved ones who have come through during readings.

When these messages are confirmed to be true by their living loved ones (messages with details that only the deceased and living loved ones would know, loved ones’ personalities coming through exactly as they were when they were here on Earth, messages resulting in items being found, unexpected events that are predicted by deceased loved ones that eventually come to pass, and so much more), then we can easily accept the truth that their souls have survived the death of their physical bodies.

Your spirit doesn’t begin and it doesn’t end, and this life is just a brief, temporary existence. After you make your transition, you will be reunited with all of the members of your family, friends, and pets who have passed before you. Once you are there, you will go through a life review where you’ll be able to see how you have affected each person, animal, and all of nature as well, as if you are each of them! You’ll be able to do this because you always have been everyone and everything else—but you couldn’t fully grasp this fact because your physical body had disconnected you from them! As Concept 9 of the We Consciousness states: After you leave this world, you always feel this connection with the whole because your body is not separating you from everyone or everything else.

Let me explain the continuation of your soul in a different way. As you probably learned back in science class, energy doesn’t begin and it doesn’t end. Therefore the energy of who you are will always continue to exist. On one of my daily walks when I was first receiving messages from Wayne Dyer, he showed me an image of a huge, blown-up balloon being punctured with a needle. He demonstrated how the air inside of the balloon escaped and continued to exist, even though the balloon was no longer encasing it. He went on to explain that this is exactly what happens to the soul after the body dies; it continues to be present and is free, and goes on to a more loving, higher level of consciousness. It is at this point where you fully become aware of your oneness with God and everyone and everything else.

Recognizing Your Divinity

Not only are you a spiritual being having a human experience, but you also have God within you, which makes you Divine! According to Concept 3: The true essence of who you are is God. To say it in a different way, God is within every one of us—with no exceptions.

Again, you will understand this concept completely after you leave this physical plane, but for now, it’s essential to reclaim your power and remember who you are. As Concept 4 states: You are able to easily and effortlessly create miracles in your life and in the lives of others. For one thing, if more people were able to fully recognize their divinity, then peace on Earth would finally become a reality. After all, God, who is only love, would never hurt anyone else

or destroy the planet that He created! We would all live in harmony with each other; and love, instead of hate, would be the dominant vibration on Earth.

You Are a Co-Creator with God!

Let’s take this a step further. Since you have God within, you have the power to create all good things in your life, including inner and outer peace, regardless of what is going on in the world around you! This is stated perfectly in Concept 20: You are a co-creator with God and

need not be a victim of external circumstances. Quiet your thoughts and go within to see what is necessary to create heaven right here on Earth. Then focus all of your energy on assuming the feeling of this magnificent peace. If your dominant thoughts and feelings are those of tenderness and harmony, you will attract more circumstances with this same type of vibration in your life. According to Concept 21: How you feel about whatever you are observing creates circumstances in your life that will generate similar types of feelings within you. Therefore,

in order to maintain inner peace, you must make a conscious effort to focus on the positive and disconnect from whatever is creating bad inner feelings.

And finally, as Concept 5 says: God is only love and peace; you must be love and peace to fully feel your connection with Him. You must be Godlike in order to feel Him and

then extend this wonderful energy out onto others. You can begin by choosing to focus on your many blessings and the perfection of all there is, or as Concept 10 says: It is imperative to focus on what is right in the world, instead of what is wrong.

-Excerpt from We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace, Karen Noé

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