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Raise Your Vibration to Hear the Angels Speaking to You

The answer to a question is never on the same vibration as the question itself. I learned this the hard way.

In order to feel and receive messages from those in the celestial realm, we must raise our vibration. When we are experiencing a negative emotion such as fear, anger, grief, jealousy, etc., our vibrational frequency is not on par with that of the angels and deceased loved ones. I’ve known this for many years.

A few years ago,, after an unusual negative circumstance arose, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Whereas I was still able to receive messages from those who had passed, I couldn’t feel or receive messages from the angels, and was very frustrated.

I decided to go for a long walk with my dog. On the walk, I was shouting in my mind at the angels, “I know you can hear me – but I can’t hear you! I need to hear from you!” I kept saying this over and over, but didn’t feel anything.

I then had the urge to look up in the sky, and saw a cloud shaped like a huge ear – with a finger inside of it. I didn’t see any meaning in it other than it was a very bizarre cloud formation.

Continuing in my mind to rant and rave, I asked the angels again, “I know you can hear me – but I can’t hear you!” Frustrated, I continued my walk and went home.

Just a few minutes after I arrived back home, I noticed the gorgeous flowers in my yard and heard the beautiful melody of the birds singing in the trees. I went inside and felt so much love there. Feeling an abundance of appreciation for everything around me, I remembered the unusual cloud formation. Only then did I understand what it had meant!

The angels were telling me that they were always speaking to me, but I had my finger in my ear and was not listening to them! When I was angry and upset, I couldn’t receive their beautiful messages – not even the amazing sign they gave me -because I wasn’t on par with their energy! When I was grateful and saw the beauty all around me, I could feel my connection with the angels once again.

And so it is with you. Remember to raise your vibration so that it is more on par with those in the celestial realm. Then be patient and wait, and you will receive the messages and signs that you so desire.

Have an amazing day! xoxo

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