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The Soul Survives

As shown by loved ones who have crossed over, the “other side” actually is the real world, and when our body dies, we return to this real world from which we came. Therefore, life does not begin at birth and end at death. This is just what many people have wrongly believed for thousands of years. All our fears about death are based on a lie –-- that we are our body. The fact is that we have a body, but we are not a body. We are not human beings having spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Our essence, which is our soul, survives, and just our shell, our body, dies.

So, what happens to our soul when our body dies? Does it go to heaven or hell, or even purgatory? What actually happens is that we create our own heaven or hell, not only here on earth, but also after we cross over. We judge ourselves at the end of each lifetime and determine how we have progressed or if we have accomplished our life’s goals. God does not judge us. God is a loving God, and since he created us, he knows that we are human and are going to make mistakes.

The master Jesus said that heaven is not “out there,” but instead, the kingdom of God is within. So, if God is within all of us, in reality, we are all one with God. Our separateness occurs only in our minds. When we aren’t loving to others, because we are all one, not only does it hurt them, but it hurts us as well. Therefore, we should try to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we meet. Not only will we feel better now, but we will also be at peace after we make our transition.

When someone who has crossed over comes back to give a message to a loved one, most of the time, he or she is very much at peace and wants loved ones to know that. Also, when spirits come through, they feel just as they did when they were alive. If they were funny, they are still funny; if they were loud, they are still loud, and it is easy to receive messages from them; if they were quiet, they are still quiet, and it is very difficult to hear them, and so on.

Excerpt from my first book The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones

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