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Receiving “Without a Doubt Signs” Many Years After Someone Passes

Our deceased loved ones often give us signs to let us know they are here. These signals give us a great sense of peace because they confirm that they are still able to be with us. “Without a doubt” signs are usually more prominent right after our loved ones have passed. At this time, they are very eager to let us to know they are okay and are still able to communicate with us. However, these types of signs may dwindle a bit as the years progress. The reason is that our loved ones have acclimated to the other side and are not as anxious to prove they are still around. Because of all of this, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an amazing “without a doubt sign” from my mother last weekend – 9 years after her passing!

To make a long story short, after my mom passed, I took in one of her cats, Puff, and my boyfriend, Ken, took in her other cat, Socks. (My mother found Socks abandoned in her neighborhood and took him in just a few months before she passed. Her other cat, Puff made it very clear that she didn’t want this new kitty around). Because they didn’t get along, because my boyfriend had another cat at his apartment who needed a pal, and because I already had 2 other cats, 2 dogs, and other animals, the perfect solution at the time was for each of us to take a cat. Both cats settled in nicely in their separate houses and continued to thrive all these years. Puff is now 21 years old and is still as feisty as ever!

Last month Ken’s other cat, Percy passed away unexpectedly, and needless to say, we were all devastated. And Socks seemed very lonely without his precious buddy. Because of this, Ken brought Socks to my house for the weekend so that he wouldn’t be alone. While he was here, Socks loved exploring every nook and cranny of my house. Perhaps the best part of all was that Socks and Puff were reunited after all these years, and they weren’t fighting. I knew my mother would have been so happy they were together again and were getting along nicely!

Shortly after Socks came to my house, I walked into my closet to pick out some clothes for the following day, and I was stunned when I saw a photograph randomly lying upside down right in the middle of the floor. When I picked it up and glanced at the picture, I began to cry. It was a picture of my mother when she was younger, holding my son, Tim. I then felt her strongly by my side telling me she was very happy her cats were reunited again. She also wanted to thank us both for taking care of her babies all these years. What a beautiful “without a doubt sign” she had given us!

So why am I sharing this with you? The answer is simple. I wanted to remind you not to get discouraged if you haven’t received any signs from your deceased loved ones after they’ve been gone a long time. Know that they really are still watching over you and are aware of what is going on in your life. It’s important to be patient and wait – and when the timing is perfect, you will see - they surely will let you know that they are around!

Have a wonderful day. Angel blessings to you!

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